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Photography is an art, a form of self-expression and a universal language. 

If you are looking for a course to gain more confidence with the camera, we have the perfect workshop.

We want to inspire every young person who wants to step into the wedding industry as we are on a constant lookout for creative talents. Personally mentored and managed by Annabel Law Productions’ acclaimed photographer – Annabel Law. Beginners are welcome! 

Photography workshops are open upon five sign ups  

$1,000 per person 


If you have always wanted to learn from a professional and get one-on-one guidance, this photography workshop is for you.


This individually bespoke photography workshop is your exclusive opportunity to sit down with Annabel Law and ask all the questions that you have ever wondered about the wedding industry in Singapore and abroad. This course will expose individuals to what goes on behind the scenes at a wedding photography firm – from shooting, editing and liaising with customers.

Follow her on an actual shoot to see how a real wedding is like and understand the psychology behind capturing an image. 


She will guide you in developing your personal style as a photographer, creating your target audience and creating a business.  Through the eyes of Annabel Law, she promises to share with you everything she knows about the photography and how to always push yourself to become the best! 

Annabel Law has devoted 11 years of her life to capturing romantic and heart-warming photos and videos for her extensive clientele. With her experience, natural talent and attitude, she yearns to assist all budding photographers to the best of her abilities.  

Investment : $ 3,500

Ages 15 years and up 

Should you have any questions about enrolling in our photography workshop, please do not hesitate to contact us.