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Why getting an experienced wedding photographer is worth every cent you will be spending

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

For most people, your wedding day will be the biggest event you have ever planned for and it will also be the biggest event in their life, for most people who have no done any event planning prior.

The wedding day for some is a show of wealth, while for the rest it is to thank their loved ones and close friends for being there in their life. It also the time where you want to share your joy of having found your other half with the people that do matter.

It is a show to the world your commitment for the other person and also for the commitment to be made known to everyone around you.

How does wedding photography come into play in this situation you might ask? The processes of a wedding can go from 5 hours to as much as 10 hours, from the morning of fetching your bride, to the tea ceremony at both parent’s places, to that of the dinner at a nice venue at night. It is an elaborate situation that is sure to leave a deep impression in both family’s minds.

This moments are not going to stay in your memories for a long time because of how hectic our human lives are. Neither do you have the time to keep those memories well etched in your mind because you are just running around getting things done on your big day.

The best way to remember such situations of love and happy tears is to capture them through the lens of an experienced wedding photographer in Singapore. Having someone whose sole job is to capture all the beautiful and treasured moments that will set you looking back when you are older and treasure the very memories of you and your love one becoming one.

Experienced wedding photographers have been through a large number of weddings and with that amount of experience under their belt, they know exactly where they need to be at every moment. For someone with experience who has done for multiple religions, races or even traditions. This sets the prices of the experienced one from those that are just starting out.

We all know that a wedding is a once in your lifetime event and there is no repeat buttons when it comes to going through the wedding procedures. Making mistakes and missing out on special moments is not supposed to happen. But as the saying goes, you pay for what you get.

Good photographers might cost a little bit more but they bring with them their wealth of experience and also guidance that can help tide you through this stress and also to give you advice on how to handle emergency situations that commonly happen during weddings.

At Annabel Law Productions, our junior associates follow Annabel for 10 weddings before they are allowed to go for their own solo shoots. They are trained through the keen eyes of Annabel to ensure the quality of their work is maintained and deliver good work standards.

Visit our actual day wedding photographer page, pre-wedding photographer page, maternity boudoir shoot page or proposal photography page to find out more about our portfolio work.


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Annabel Law

Annabel Law has 15+ years experience as a wedding photographer. Annabel Law Productions has shot over

600 weddings in Singapore and overseas. She is the only female Canon EOS master and she has been

featured in Straits Times, Business Times, Mothership and many more. Annabel offers wedding photography, wedding videography and boudoir photography services. 

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