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What are the vendors you should look out for while planning your Singapore Wedding?

Congratulations on arriving on your big day with your other half who has stood by you for the past couple of years. Falling in love is not easy, staying in love is even harder. To be able to walk down the aisle with someone means you are ready to commit the rest of your life with them.

After your proposal is done, one of the toughest part for the man, you need to start working on your big day and make plans for it. Most people will definitely start off their planning with the location of their banquet. Before the date and location of the banquet is done, most of the other parts of the planning cannot be done.

There are just too many moving parts if the dates are not settled. Remember to always keep your budget in mind and also whether financially you are able to handle the load of paying a 5 digit deposit up front for your wedding venue. Most couples do not come up with budgeting or do not keep to their budget, in the end causing a lot of tension and straining the relationship.

Once the location is settled with the dates, most couples will move on to start searching for their vendors. The search can be tough with so many choices in Singapore with high quality work, the couple should work to find someone that they can work with, to find one that the prices fit into their budgets and also are available for their wedding day.

The important vendors that most people will look out for are the following (but not limited to this list):

3. Makeup Artist for Bride

4. Makeup Artist for Bride and Groom’s Mothers

5. Flower for Bouquet and for Decorations

6. Wedding Gown for Bride – Actual Day

7. Wedding Gown for Bride – Pre – Wedding Shoot (if any)

10. Wedding Live Band (for those who love live music)

11. Photo booth – Entertain guest before dinner starts

12. Door gifts on table for guest

13. Emcee & DJ (if required)

14. Wedding Planner (this company or person will solve all of the items above for you, if you have the budget)

With so many vendors to prepare for, usually most couples who are working full time will take about a year to a year and a half to plan for their weddings. This gives them ample time to slowly pick and choose and decide what they want for their big day, so that they can make it special for them and their guest.

Wedding Photographers are usually the first vendors that they will go to, popular wedding photographers can get booked up 1 year in advance by most people, the moment they are open for business for the subsequent year.

Make sure you place your down payment before others so that you can pick your favorite wedding photographer that will definitely deliver high quality work for your special day. Good Makeup artist are also in short supply, book them up fast too! For the rest like gowns, live band and photo booths, supply is still quite abundant so there’s no real need to rush.

Your wedding day should be a happy day, it can be a stressful process to plan for it and some couples do quarrel along the way, but it will also help you realize that marriage is not all roses. Sometimes you don’t see eye to eye with each other but you will have to learn to compromise and give in to the other party.

Congratulations again on your wedding and also wishing you all the best for your wedding planning process. Annabel Law Productions wishes you a blissful marriage and happy wedding planning!


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Annabel Law

Annabel Law has 15+ years experience as a wedding photographer. Annabel Law Productions has shot over

600 weddings in Singapore and overseas. She is the only female Canon EOS master and she has been

featured in Straits Times, Business Times, Mothership and many more. Annabel offers wedding photography, wedding videography and boudoir photography services. 

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