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Wedding Programme Sample

Updated: Apr 28

For those who are stressing over their wedding day schedule, wondering how they're ever going to accomplish so much within the 24 hours of the wedding day, have no fear! We've provided you a timeline of a typical wedding day for your perusal. Remember, you can always adjust the schedule to match predetermined auspicious timings you may have or rearrange the activities to suit your personal preference. For example, you can start the second half at 5pm instead of 4pm, if you're not holding the solemnization ceremony on the same day. Or instead of resting during the two-hour break, you may wish to use that time to head outdoors for photo-taking. 

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Bridal makeup artist arrives at Bride’s home


Photographer, Videographer & Bridesmaids arrive at Bride’s home

Bridesmaid start preparing gatecrashing items

* Things to note : Most photographers and videographers charge a surcharge if they have to arrive earlier than 6:30am. This usually only applies to brides who are Teochews or have auspicious timings.


Wedding car arrives at Groom’s home


Brothers arrive at Groom’s home


Groom & brothers leave for Bride’s home


Veiling for Bride with Bride's parents


Bride’s brother to open the car door upon arrival


Gatecrash games

* Play games at a big area for more space and photos will be much nicer. Void decks are always the best option.


Groom & brothers enter Bride’s home


Bridal party leaves for Groom’s home

Bridal Party proceeds to a nearby park for photoshoot with the couple


Arrive at Groom’s home for Tea Ceremony & breakfast


Load all equipment for Evening Banquet into wedding car


Change into tea dress


Leave for Bride’s home


Arrive at Bride’s home for Tea Ceremony & lunch


Leave for hotel to rest (Photographer and Videographer dismissed)


Arrive at hotel, check in, etc.  Brothers & sisters to help carry all the equipment required for the Evening Banquet (laptop, thumb drive, 2 CDs, reception desk decorations, etc.)


Makeup artist arrives at hotel


Brothers & sisters can rest in helpers’ room, if they wish


Brothers arrive back at hotel

Meet with Banquet Captain to run through banquet details (music, programme, beverages, etc.)

  • Test and ensure sound system is ready; play the music for march-in and presentation of 1st course of dinner one time through

  • Brief Banquet Captain on the finalised programme


Set up laptop & projector for photo montage


Photographer and Videographer arrives at hotel


Arrival of guests for Solemnization Ceremony

Arrival of Justice of the Peace

Prepare ang pow for Justice of Peace. Est amount $80 to $188


Solemnization Ceremony


Solemnization Ceremony ends. See Justice of the Peace off & give him Ang Bao


Bride goes up to change into wedding gown

Emcees to meet with Banquet Captain to review hosting details & run through scripts

Sisters to help set up reception tables: 

  • Guest list

  • 2x guest signature books

  • 2x Ang Bao boxes

  • 2x wedding photo albums

  • Car park coupons

  • Floral rose arrangement (provided by hotel)

  • Pens for signing the guest book

  • Bride & Groom wedding banner/signage

  • Set up of Instant Photo Booth

Set up & test-run video montage on laptop & projector

Ensure that the wedding banquet dinner tables are ready & that the table numbers are correct


Latest time for families of Bride & Groom to stand by at the reception table


Arrival of guests (pre-dinner cocktail starts)

Instant Photo Booth Commence