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Top 9 Wedding Live Bands in Singapore: A Comprehensive Guide

Live wedding bands are a fantastic way to start off your celebration. They make small intimate settings at your wedding more elegant and give your guests great entertainment. Choose the ideal wedding live band to set the tone for your wedding party.

The top wedding live bands in Singapore are all included on one list for your convenience. Do you envision a beautiful, classic wedding? Go down the aisle while listening to a classic symphony.

Musical Touch

Serenade your guests with their favorite catchy tracks and song dedications to create a special and private atmosphere during your wedding with this wedding live band!

You may be confident of the highest caliber of music genres and the largest range of musical performances they provide thanks to their over 300 excellent Google 5-Star Ratings and status as the most well-known wedding live band supplier in Singapore.

Musical Touch, which was founded in 2012, performs live music entertainment from the souls of each artist for more than a decade, guaranteeing that only really enthusiastic professionals will play at your once-in-a-lifetime event. Every performance will be an awesome experience for your visitors thanks to this band!

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Sparkle Live Music

Sparkle Live Music is the ideal choice for your wedding day if you're searching for a wedding live band that can play live renditions of your favourite tunes from the 1960s to the present. Since 2018, Sparkle Live Music has performed at weddings. They are renowned for their upbeat performances to live music and distinctive takes on well-known tunes that will have you grinning all through the night with their live music entertainment!

Sparkle Live Music Source, is one of Singapore's most renowned wedding music company. It was formed by local musician Tay Kewei, keyboardist Lee Ein Ein, and singer Tay Kexin. Their star-studded ensemble of skilled vocalists and professional musicians who've already appeared both locally and abroad will undoubtedly surpass expectations, whether it is with elegant jazz, breezy disco funk, or Mandarin pop tunes.

High Notes

High Notes, which was founded in 2008, has a legendary reputation for excellence and for connecting its clients with the top singers, musicians, and performers. They are a filled to the brim entertainment company that offers internal services including design, music and lighting setups, and creative solutions. With their years of collective band experience, they have developed an exquisite band chemistry with distinctive voice and instrument combinations. They have a wealth of expertise to brighten your wedding celebration up with their live music since they have entertained the most selective of clients, royalty, diplomats, celebrities, high-profile events, and weddings.

In addition to featuring a wide variety of boutique bands, they emphasize themes and recreate mood. This implies that they will develop a unique idea that will appeal to both you and your spouse in order to play music that reflects your own personalities and traits.

A Group of People (AGOPSG)

The local acoustic band "A Group of People" is renowned for their diversity and talent. They stand out from other bands because of their dedication to playing the whole time of your ceremony, making sure that your guests are amused and involved all day long.

They are regarded as one of Singapore's top wedding bands, have played at several weddings there, and have gotten numerous rave reviews. They are most renowned for their extensive music library and capacity to perform a wide range of genres (even classic oldies!). They also have a distinct sound that will appeal to a wide range of listeners.

A Little Dream Live Music

In order to fulfill their vision of ever changing music scene and making live music accessible to everyone, A Little Dream was founded in 2002.Their one-stop live entertainment service combines the talents of skilled, passionate singers and musicians.

Since then, they have remained committed to their goal and have broadened their catalogue to include, amongst many other genres, jazz, classical, current pop and rock, and evergreen anthems. To fill off your event with something extra unique, they have added emcee and composing services for original wedding songs to their bundle!

Glittering Carousel

The band was started by talented local musician and producer David Tan, and it makes an effort to maintain the integrity of the music while also imparting a special touch to actual performances. They have been providing live music with tremendous honesty throughout the years, at everything from elegant weddings to exciting corporate events to peaceful private gatherings, leaving beautiful memories and touching hearts.

The team of music specialists at Glittering Carousel takes great delight in providing top-notch musical performances and entertainment. With a fundamental concept of "Great Sincerity," they honor diverse and accomplished talent in many areas, including singing, playing an instrument, teaching, songwriting, and music production.

JYPosh Entertainment

JYPosh Entertainment collaborates with a wide range of musical artists with years of performance expertise who can display a variety of musical genres, including jazz, modern pop,, and classic ballads, to mention a few.

In addition to featuring a wide variety of boutique bands, they emphasize themes and recreate mood. This implies that they will develop a unique idea that will appeal to both you and your partner in order to play music that reflects your own personalities and traits. They maintain their costs at a reasonable level without sacrificing quality thanks to a solid sound business structure and sound system. Everything within your budget, the greatest expert artists will be offered.

White Ribbon

The vocal and musical members of White Ribbon are well-known local artists who graced countless stage on several Singaporean venues as well as regional parliaments in Taiwan, China, and Malaysia. Many musical styles and repertoire demonstrate versatility. Anything you desire: traditional ballads, jazz, bossa nova, pop, classical, and evergreens. Music adapted to your requirements. From lavish weddings to business events!

You can select to hire vocalists or instrumentalists in various band sizes. White Ribbon will assist in helping to suggest the finest mix of instruments depending on your favourite songs or genres once you've decided on your preferred band size and hiring length.

Two of Us SG

This gifted acoustic duo, which is located in Singapore, provides a wide range of services, such as original wedding songwriting, multilingual emceeing, and live wedding band performance.

From weddings, corporate events, dancing parties, and popular hang out venues. They regularly perform live on Facebook to show off their skills. In addition to singing, they may function as emcees to connect with your guests in a natural way. Two Of Us is undoubtedly a band you should check out as they have earned countless accolades on their page.


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