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Tips for Saving Money on Wedding Favours

Wedding favours are a graceful way to thank your guests for taking the time and effort to attend your wedding. However, a quick discussion among newlyweds will reveal that wedding favours are commonly forgotten and left behind at the banquet table. This becomes a significant expense that can quickly eat into any wedding budget, particularly if you're expecting a large number of guests.

Purchase Overseas

Instead of getting your wedding favours in Singapore, consider going a short weekend getaway to purchase cheaper wedding favours from neighbouring countries such as Thailand or Malaysia. Sourcing for favours overseas is more fun and interactive, and you'll have more control over the quality of the items as well. Just be sure to take note of the excess baggage weight charges!

Find Different Vendors

Compare prices and quality from several different vendors. You don’t have to stick to just the well-known ones. Try exploring start-ups too, as their prices are often more reasonable, and they'll be more likely to accommodate your requests to get your business.

Order Different Quantities

I've had to order different quantities of the same item from different vendors just because they were unable to meet the deadline or because certain quantities just got better discounts. You may have an additional one or two vendors to liaise with, but if you do your math right, you might get a better deal.

Order Online

Websites like and G-market have suppliers willing to cut their prices if the quantity is large enough. When buying online, be sure to use a platform that gives you the most security. You might want to consider sites that use Paypal to avoid having to enter your credit card details directly. Paypal can even help you investigate the merchant and claw back the amount if your orders are not delivered within the promised time.

Always Negotiate

Since you are buying in bulk, you have the upper hand. Whether it be getting one item free for every five that you buy, securing free shipping or even getting a percentage off the total bill, you need to ask. Don't just assume that the seller will give you a discount just because he or she wants referrals or further returns from your business. We all know weddings are typically a one-time event, and they know that too.

Buy from Closing Down Wholesalers

If you started planning your wedding well in advance, you can keep a lookout for closing-down or warehouses sales too. These will save you a ton of money! The best sales are usually Christmas sales, end-of-year sales and the Great Singapore Sale. Some retailers might even throw in free gift-wrapping services. I must admit I was the one hogging the gift wrapping line in Takashimaya for my fifty-odd gifts.

Do-It-Yourself Gifts

If you have more than enough time on your hands, consider DIY-ing your favours. Nothing is more

endearing and personal than a handcraft made from the heart. It makes a great bonding experience too, whether it be gathering the bridesmaids or your family and the in-laws to help out in the project.

Written by Kally Tay

Edited by Priscilla Lai

* Kally Tay is a writer who used to be a bride from Annabel Law Productions and a friendship blossomed with Bel after her wedding. She loves to share her knowledge of being a mum and her corporate experiences though her blog at Middle Me.