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The Search for the Perfect Dress

It's wedding time! After scouring Singapore for the perfect wedding venue, hiring the best wedding coordinator, and choosing the freshest flowers and stunning designs, possibly the hardest part has come. The search for the perfect bridesmaid dresses as well as the best bridal gown.

Weddings could be stressful if you let them be stressful. Weddings could be a great bonding moment with your partner or even chosen bridesmaids. With this, let us choose the fun alternative and make this more memorable for us.

To start, here are some questions you might have and corresponding answers.

What should I look for in a dress?

For the dress for starters, look for something that will highlight your beauty. Make sure it screams that you are in love. You can choose something that will suit your and your partner's personalities well. Next, you have to check if it is in line with your chosen theme. You would want everyone's attire to look cohesive on your special day. Lastly, pick something that will be comfortable and convenient for you. Additionally, you may also check your allotted budget and find a pocket friendly dress.

Where should I look for a dress?

You can try to take a little tour around the country, enter shop by shop, and have a first-hand feel of the dresses. Although if you are a relatively busier person and do not have much time to leave the house, you can use the internet. Search through Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, or any other online shopping websites.

When should I start looking for dresses?

Start as early as now. The fact that you're already thinking about it means you need to get up and go. True as they say, the perfect time to start is now. This way, you can also avoid the hassle of cramming everything at the last possible second. That's stress lessened for you. Wouldn't we all love that? If there will be unforeseen changes or alterations that may come up, you have spare time to fix them.

Why should I bother and look for the best dresses?

Let's be honest, ladies. We all want to be pretty at every event we attend and most especially, on our wedding day. Not only do we spend a lot of time perfecting our hair and make-up but we also strive to search for the dress that will make us look like the most gorgeous bride. On this special day, we girls would also like to show the bridesmaids some appreciation by giving them the perfect bridesmaid dress. We all want to feel fabulous with our best girls.

Do you want to look like a million bucks? Do you want to shine brighter than a diamond? Read on, girl!

How should I know if I got the best quality for the price?

The answer to this question is subjective. We may differing opinions on what we think is worth it. Generally, a product would be worth it if it has fulfilled the criteria you have set and you are happy with the results. A sense of satisfaction is the key.

We've rounded up the best shops in Singapore for beautiful bridesmaid dresses – trust us, your posse will thank you


As one of the most popular brands around the world, ASOS has a variety of collections for different uses and styles of clothes. An example is their ASOS wedding shop which offers different bridal needs ranging from bridal wear, accessories, shoes, bridesmaid dresses, and even lingerie. This could be a one-stop shop for your events. How convenient, am I right? The different styles you can browse in their catalog may also give you fresh ideas and personalize your dress. Prepare to be amazed by their designs.

Be sure to check them out using their website or find them on Instagram @asos.

My Little Bow

MLB is one of the best Singapore-based online retailers. In contrast with ASOS, My Little Bow focuses more on bridal apparel. Their signature convertible bridesmaid dresses will surely help every one of your girlfriends stand out. They can choose to style and wear it as a cross-shoulder, off-shoulder, or one-sided. Whatever they feel most comfortable and beautiful with (with your permission, of course)! Most of their gowns are made with premium silk material which makes the dress look stylish and elegant. With their available colors and sizes, no one will get left behind. Additionally, alteration, as well as actual day dress-tying services, are provided by this shop.

Be sure to check them out using their website or find them on Instagram @mylittlebowsg and Facebook @MLBmylittlebow.

A For Arcade

Just like ASOS, A for Arcade boasts a wide variety of clothes that cater to different groups of clientele. This includes men, women, and children. They have different clothes for different events or occasions such as office wear, casual wear, and wedding apparel. If you're one of those people who prioritize comfort, their bridal collection dresses that are equipped with adjustable waistlines and side pockets might be perfect for you. Combining style and comfort is a dream a lot would want to fulfill.

Be sure to check them out using their website or find them on Instagram

@aforarcade and Facebook @AforArcade.

The Thread Theory

Another Singapore-based online boutique, The Thread Theories' main theme is uniqueness. Their self-manufactured designs are what sets them apart from their other rivals. The different designs and styles they have produced leave everyone in awe of their creativity. They have sizes that can perfectly fit women from XS-XL. This is what a mixture of creativity, talent, and comfort will bring. A dress so stunning you would instantly know what love is. Go and run to this shop!

Be sure to check them out using their website or find them on Instagram @threadtheory and Facebook @threadtheory.

The Closet Lover

A clothing line that offers a plethora of fashion wear not only popular in Singapore but going beyond such as in Malaysia, they also offer a wide selection of bridal couture that will present you with the perfect dresses for your perfect bridesmaids. Their dresses masterfully convey style, class, and elegance that will scream women empowerment. What a way to make a statement on your wedding day, right? Go and check this one out or you might regret it.

Be sure to check them out using their website or find them on Instagram @theclosetlover and Facebook @theclosetlover.

The BMD Shop

Do you want a shop with a story? Something that can relate to your current struggles. Well, here is a shop for that! It is founded by a couple, who like you guys, had a hard time looking for dresses. So they thought, why not make it easy for everyone? And here it is, The BridesMaids Dress Shop. A convenient way to search for the perfect dress without sacrificing style. To further sell this shop to you, your pockets won't complain so much if you buy from them. So, what are you waiting for?