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The Groomsmen Guide: How to Ace Your Groomsman Duties

Being a groomsman in a wedding is an important role. It means you are a close friend or relative of the groom and have been chosen to stand by him on his wedding day. Groomsmen usually have various responsibilities such as assisting the groom in preparing for the wedding, attending pre-wedding events, helping to organize the bachelor party, and assisting in the ceremonies during the wedding day. Groomsmen also typically stand next to the groom during the wedding ceremony and often have specific duties such as holding the rings or signing the marriage license as a witness. Overall, being a groomsman is a significant honor and ensures the groom has the support of his closest friends and family on his special day.

With that said, being a groomsman is a privilege. It is a must for you to take your groomsmen's duties seriously and responsibly. Do not slack off.

Come on, man! It's your best friends' wedding. I'm quite sure you would not want to mess this up for them. It may get a little nerve-racking once it has dawned on you that you are, indeed, one of the chosen groomsmen. But worry not, this article is written to help you calm your nerves and be the best groomsman on duty. Presenting the ultimate list of being a perfect groomsman!

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Groomsmen Duties on the Wedding Day: Pre-Ceremony

One of the duties of a groomsman involves planning for the pre-wedding activities which include:

Co-Plan the Bachelor Party

The bachelor party. Who doesn't love a good old bachelor party? Dubbed as the "last night of freedom" for the groom. Of course, you would want it to be the most fun, exciting, and hilarious night they will have. You would want it to be unforgettable. So, you plan the best one!

Show Up to Prewedding Events

This includes the engagement party, ceremony rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, and other events. You and the other groomsmen should always be present to show your support to your friend, the groom. You would also want to be informed of what the general flow of the ceremony will be so that you may add suggestions on how to improve it and make it as perfect as possible.

Serve as a sounding board

Listen very well to the ideas the happy couple would throw and weigh them properly if they are appropriate or not. Weddings are important to people so it should not just be some random and scattered ideas during wedding planning. Make sure it would be as organized and cohesive as possible so that they would have a nice wedding to remember and look back on.

Wedding Weekend Logistics

One of the main duties of groomsmen is to make sure that everything is prepared well days, or even hours, leading to the wedding. Hotel accommodations, wedding rings, wedding attire, wedding gift, and wedding reception are all according to plan to help the bride and groom calm down and be stress-free before their big day.

Groomsmen Duties on the Wedding Day: Ceremony

Here are the wedding day groomsmen duties:

Groomsmen Attire

If ever you will be asked to pick the attire of the groomsmen, make sure that on the wedding day, everyone looks presentable. See to it that it is how you envisioned them. The tux, suits, ties, pants, corsage, and even socks are all pleasing to the eye and are where they should be.

Get Ready With The Groom

As a best man, you would be the groom's right-hand man. Hence, one of your main duties will be to keep him in line. Help him put on his suit, practice his vows, encourage, and be a good friend. You are expected to help the groom be as handsome and prepared as possible.

Show up on time the morning of the wedding day

Well, it goes without saying that being late is disrespectful, right? Hence, be on time, check the venue beforehand if there are any problems and, if needed, provide solutions. You may also want to recheck the guest list and see if everything is in order and ready for the ceremony. Also, review the wedding plan and double-check if everything is according to it.

Be on Wedding Ceremony Duty

You will be one of the primary men to usher the other guests to their places. If there will be any questions, you should be able to provide answers. Again, you have to help the groom and bride to make sure that this is the wedding they have been dreaming of for how many years. If they have set rules such as no guests should be taking photos or videos using their mobile phones, you should strictly employ them and remind the guests.

How to be the Best Groomsman: Wedding party

Once the ceremony ended, it's time for the party! Although, you still have some duties to do:

Get Some Rest

Everybody deserves at least a little rest after all the stress from wedding planning to the wedding ceremony. You deserve to rest and have fun at the wedding party, too! This event would not be possible without your help so take the rest as a reward for all your hard work. Dance your heart out, sing like there's no tomorrow, and most of all enjoy the delicious food served in front of you.

Crush the Reception

This does not mean destroy it, okay? Do not take this literally. What we mean is, to make it the best reception ever. From the lights, the stage, the band or DJ, the food, and the decorations make sure it is the finest. Ensure that everyone is enjoying and having the time of their lives. It would also be terrific if it is exactly how the newlyweds would prefer it. This is their night after all.

Usher guests to their seats

During the wedding party, welcome the guests arriving and guide guests to their assigned tables or seats. Be ready to be ushers during the wedding party for you will be assisting a lot of people the whole time. Some are extremely picky about where they would want to sit and I guess this was already considered during the planning of the table seats so be sure to follow it precisely.

Be the Life of the Party

Be the best man of the night! Sing, dance, make a speech, whatever you can do to make the party more alive. Entertain the guests while waiting for the arrival of the newlyweds so that there will be no boring or awkward dead air. Bring out that funny guy inside you. Or the talented man. Anything to delight the guests before the food will be served.

Offer Transportation

Be a gentleman and offer transportation to the out-of-town-groomsman or other guests. You may opt to take multiple trips to and from the venue to pick them up or arrange a carpool situation with them. Agree on a certain place where everyone can conveniently come and stay for a while as you make your way. This will help ensure that everyone will make it to the wedding party and have fun.

Tidy up the couples' suite

This would be in preparation for their first night as a married couple - their honeymoon. Make sure it will be as romantic as possible for them while also being respectful and their comfort is the priority. They are surely as exhausted, if not more, as you and deserve long rest. Some couples also use this same suite when they prepare before the wedding ceremony thus you may want to help clean it up before they arrive so that they can already rest.

Pose for Photos

Together with the whole entourage, take as many group photos as possible to remember this event. It would also be a fun bonding activity to do with them after some time and look back on this day. How you all got dolled up and dressed the best you can for the special day of your friends. Photos are also nice souvenirs to take home and display on your wall.

Help corral the wedding party for photos during cocktail hour

Some couples would prefer to have a picture with each and every one of the guests who came for their big day as their way of expressing gratitude for sharing this big moment with them. As groomsmen, help the photo ops to be more organized by guiding the guests who shall be included in the photo and who comes first. You may also be the one to direct them on what trendy pose you want them to do with the couple.

Give a speech (if asked)

It is common to be asked to prepare a speech beforehand. In writing your speech, you may want to start with a quote or a funny anecdote about you and your friend to make the guests laugh and pay attention to you. You can also add the best characteristics of your friend or even embarrassing ones. Tell them the love story of the couple and wish them well. Make it special. Do not make it too long making the guests bored.

Stick Around and Help

Even if the party had already ended, stick around. Help in cleaning up the venue. Assist everyone to the door and thank them for coming. Wish them safe travels on their way back home. Scan the whole place for any items that may be left behind by the guests and return it to them if still possible. Ask around if help is still needed and be ready to assist.

Return any suit or tuxedo rentals

Some couples would choose to rent the clothing of the entourage especially if they don't have their own formalwear. It is one of your duties to account for the suits or tux and make sure there is no damage on each one and will be returned safely.

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How to Say Thank You To Your Groomsmen

This part will be for the newlyweds whom you have helped so much throughout the whole process of their union and stepping on to the next chapter of their life. Groomsmen deserve a little appreciation.

Hand-Picked Gifts

What a way to make this even more special, right? Hand-picked gifts tailored to the likes of the groomsmen just show how grateful you are for their help. Take the time to pick the best gift you could give them.

Matching Groomsmen Gifts

This is a mere suggestion to make the gifts look cute. Matching groomsmen gifts that they can use during the wedding ceremony and subsequent party would surely look awesome.

To End...

Being a groomsman is both an honor and a responsibility. It means being a part of the groom's inner circle and helping him prepare for and celebrate his big day. The groomsman is typically a close friend or family member of the groom, selected by him to stand by his side during the wedding ceremony.

As a groomsman, you will be expected to attend all the pre-wedding events such as the bachelor party, rehearsal dinner, and other gatherings. You may also be asked to participate in planning the wedding or helping with set-up and tear-down on the day of the event. During the wedding ceremony, you will stand at the groom's side as one of his closest supporters.

Along with these duties, there are traditional responsibilities that come with being a groomsman, such as ensuring the groom has everything he needs on the day of the wedding and helping to keep him calm and relaxed. Often, grooms will look to their groomsmen to help them navigate any potential hiccups that may occur throughout the day.

Being a groomsman is an exciting opportunity to be a part of your friend or family member's special day, but it does require a level of commitment and involvement. Your willingness to be there for the groom throughout the wedding festivities is an important part of making his day memorable and enjoyable.


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