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The Best Locations for a Botanic Garden Wedding in Singapore: The Top 11 Favorites


What could be more magical than marking your wedding in a lush, scenic garden that is bursting with a variety of colorful, aromatic flowers and offers spectacular views of highlands, pure rivers, and seas? Even better, a ceremony outside of a traditional ballroom setting produces a welcoming ambiance perfect for a modest, private event with your closest loved ones.

Botanical gardens are ideal wedding locations because of their floral arrangements and their meticulously maintained natural beauty. They provide large open areas that are perfect for a wedding ceremony or wedding reception, which is why they are becoming more and more well-liked among wedding planners. Your photographs will show the vivid pinks, oranges, and purples prevalent in garden flowers even if you are dressed entirely in white. Nothing is more romantic than a couple kissing in front of a camera while surrounded by a garden's floral arrangements of abundant flowers and lush greenery.

You think this is for you? Good thing you landed on our website! We're prepared to assist you in planning the ideal outdoor destination wedding in Singapore. Your dream wedding day will surely be one that everyone who attends the reception will remember if you have it at a botanical setting in nature!

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Sentosa Resort & Spa

Sentosa has every type of garden venue a couple could want. Although Garden Villa's swimming terrace is geared toward privacy, sophistication, and refinement, Spice Island Point is a tranquil setting perfect for an outdoor event. The Courtyard, which has long reflecting pool and is encircled by lily ponds, stands out for its tranquility, and the enormous wooden Gazebo's breathtaking view of the sea is its crowning glory. The Ginger Room, which has a lovely patio, the Straits Ballroom, which has a charming garden full of flowers, or the exquisite and secluded Beaufort Ballroom are the options for couples organizing larger wedding celebrations.

The Summerhouse

The Summerhouse is a distinctive eating establishment set away in the picturesque Seletar countryside, offering flowering vistas and the finest from their little botanic gardens and farming collective. It consists of WildSeed, a ground-floor café, bakery, and bistro bar, and The Summerhouse Dining Room, an upper-story farm to table restaurant. The Summerhouse Garden Gazebo, which is tucked away in a rich environment of lush greenery and flower colours, is the ideal location for you to say your vows.

Furthermore available are amenities like a private, bridal room, suite, sound and light system, projector, displays, and cordless handheld microphones. Its expansive grounds and Courtyard also have a flexible area. The location also encompasses their interior dining area and outdoor terrace.

Botanico At The Garage

Singapore's garden has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site. This is one of the largest single-family residences is located in a botanical and garden setting. This location, which is steeped in ancient colonial history, surrounded by a verdant oasis is the ideal environment for your big day. A restaurant called This place is boasting Botanico's contemporary European and Asian influenced menu, which is replete with botanical components, pays homage and respect to its garden environment with meals and beverages made to convey tales of botanical adventure and exploration. Exchange your vows while surrounded by beautiful floral arrangements on the air-conditioned, outdoor terrace with wood decking of the classic white colonial building where Botanico at the Garage is housed.

Achieve your dream of once-in-a-lifetime moment in a stunningly alluring most enchanting way while accompanied by a lush paradise of flora and wildlife and hosting your ideal garden wedding in a location steeped in rich colonial history and spend a special moment of evening with your family and friends while dining on a delicious and intimate dinner filled with botanical components.

Forest Pavilion (Singapore Botanic Gardens)

The Forest Pavilion, which is part of the Singapore Botanic Gardens' most recent expansion, is nestled on the Keppel Discovery Wetlands' banks with expansive views of Singapore's first UNESCO World Heritage Site. For couples who want to exchange wedding vows in front of nature in a beautiful setting, it makes a charming location for sunset wedding ceremonies. Prior to dinner service at The Halia or The Villa, cocktail parties can be organized.

The Halia, or ginger in Malay, sits beautifully in the one-hectare Ginger Garden, which is home to over 250 different types of gingers with stunning blossoms and leaves. Full-height glass windows in the inconspicuous dining room invite the outside in to create, and let visitors eat in pleasantly cool settings.

Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa

Weddings at the Amara Sanctuary Resort combine vintage architecture with modern design to give your event the grandeur it merits. The lovely tropical setting makes it the perfect location for a fairytale wedding in Sentosa.

The Larkhill Mansion is a lovely Colonial Heritage venue with a verdant garden setting where you can choose to exchange vows. The Larkhill Mansion is a two-story British Colonial house that has been meticulously and attractively renovated and can be used for corporate events. Another airy location for your solemnization is the Glass Pavilion. The all-glass structure, often referred to as the "Glass Chapel," is exquisitely positioned amid the serene beauty of lush tropical gardens. The waterfall and old chapel bell that serve as a lovely background for an exceedingly picturesque wedding add to its attractiveness.

Hotel Fort Canning at Fort Canning Park

The award-winning Hotel Fort Canning is the perfect location for a variety of indoor and outdoor solemnizations and destination weddings since it is tucked away amid the lush vegetation and rich colonial history of Fort Canning Park. Fort Canning Park, a famous hilltop location in Singapore, has been present for many significant historical events.

Understandably, this location exudes feeling and give guests a sense of nostalgia. The park provides something unique for you with its ancient artifacts, rich foliage, and large lawns giving guests a range of arts, history, and natural experiences. Let Hotel Fort Canning provide the right setting for your once-in-a-lifetime event, whether it's a garden wedding with whimsical romanticism or the lavish feast of your dreams.

Goodwood Park Hotel

Singapore's prestigious heritage hotel is the Goodwood Park Hotel. The hotel offers visitors a peaceful refuge from the city's hectic pace thanks to its great location in the heart of the city and its surroundings of lush planted gardens. Your wedding will have a hint of old-world elegance and splendor thanks to this magnificent world heritage site, landmark and rich colonial history.

Their dedicated team of seasoned wedding planner will work with you to make your wedding fantasies come to life, regardless of the destination, whether it's an intimate wedding solemnization celebration held in one of the hotel's peaceful pools, a deeply personal celebration at the high class Tudor Ballroom, or an extravagant affair at the magnificent Windsor Ballroom. For outdoor ceremonies, the hotel's Mayfair Pool, which has beautiful foliage and a Balinese-inspired design, will provide the perfect ambiance even for your grand banquet.

Bedok Reservoir

You probably didn't know that you could be married at a reservoir, did you? Good news, you definitely can! This is the perfect venue for couples who want to add a touch of excitement to their joyous celebration to make it a memorable experience and even more special. The Floating Deck is the ideal location for couples to exchange vows among the splendor of nature for their intimate solemnisation ceremony. The Bedok Reservoir is an excellent place for couples to take their pre-wedding pictures in addition to being a setting for many weddings and solemnisations.

Burkill Hall (Singapore Botanic Gardens)

All images are sourced from their respective company websites and are used solely for reference purposes; we do not claim any copyright ownership.

The structure, formerly known as the Director's House on the grounds of the Gardens, was built in 1868 to house the directors of the gardens. It has wide verandahs and high ceilings to accommodate natural light and ventilation.

The renovated Anglo Malayan plantation home offers the ideal location for weddings. Its pleasant environment and overlooking sight of the National Orchid Garden, as a historical architectural structure with a long history, will undoubtedly lend a mesmerizing flavor to host your wedding ceremony.

Corner House (Singapore Botanic Gardens)

All images are sourced from their respective company websites and are used solely for reference purposes; we do not claim any copyright ownership.

Corner House (Singapore botanic gardens) is fascinating on many levels for a garden wedding, thrilling guests with its exceptional cuisine and conjuring up the romanticism of a rare historical botanical garden setting. It was initially built in 1910 and has since been modified to make room for a restaurant, but the majority of its architectural style has been preserved.

Visitors may relax in the Verandah next to the large entrance porch and take in the most enchanting way of scenery of the house's surrounding hedgerows and trees. It is certain that you and your friends and families will have a lovely, intimate, enchanting and unforgettable encounter as guests see you exchanging vows among this peace.

Bottle Tree Pte Ltd

All images are sourced from their respective company websites and are used solely for reference purposes; we do not claim any copyright ownership.

Couples will be serenaded by the tranquil surroundings of the park with exotic trees, lavish vegetation, and a clear lake as a backdrop as they exchange their vows at Bottle Tree Pte Ltd. Couples can opt to get married at either the Stage Pavilion or the Lake House at this location. Just adding lighting for a nighttime event or balloons with decorations for a daytime ceremony might have a greater impact. The event venue is surrounded by nature, gorgeous floral arrangements, with a serene atmosphere thanks to the perspective of the park and the beautiful kampong scenery.


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