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Sweet and Trendy Pre Wedding Photoshoot Poses that Engaged Couples Should Definitely Try!

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

One thing's for sure, everybody loves taking photos especially on a special and big event like this! Now that everything's falling into place, it is important to make efforts to remember this momentous event with a beautiful photograph.

However, there are countless silly couples' images and innumerable mundane views that it might be difficult to get a snapshot that is completely your own. Nonetheless, you don't have to be afraid to lean on such overused stances and places. Another thing, not everyone is fond of taking pictures and you might be one of them. You might feel a little awkward because you don't know how to pose- and maybe, you're overthinking right now that's why you're here! No worries though! You are exactly in the right website!

Check out these romantic and fun prewedding photo shoot poses that will surely make your wedding nostalgic every single time you open your wedding album!

Relaxed Couple Poses

If you want ideas for a casual and relaxed pre wedding shoot ideas, then you can get inspiration from these ideas!

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Taking a stroll

A couple standing or strolling position is one of the most simple pose for pre wedding photos. Walking ahead, side to side with one person guiding the other towards the camera, holding hands while walking, straight facing the wedding photographer, or going away from the photographer are all fun pose possibilities. Request that the pair clasp hands and stroll at a reasonable speed. While walking, smile or talk to each other. Or if you want, picture how you would walk on your wedding day.

Lazy Atmosphere

We adore our partners because we have so many interests, from the pursuits that keep us active to the ways we use our free time. If you want a cozy atmosphere, and you prefer a calm setting, this is definitely for you. A picture shot at your home is a lovely way to memorialize your first love story moments in the house together.

You can put your head on your partner's lap, lean back, read a book together if that's your thing, or have a conversation as you reminisce some of your moments together, hug or just stare at each other. Anything can happen! If shooting at your house isn't a possibility, seek for other settings and engagement photo shoot ideas that have a domestic vibe.

Face Away from Camera

Asking a pair to face their head in a different direction away from the camera is a fun technique to make them feel more at ease and avoid a moment of awkwardness when posing for a photograph. Let the pair picture how they would look in the absence of a photographer. An unplanned head position can provide more natural-looking but passionate engagement photographs in some cases.

Silly and Quirky Poses

If you're a couple who loves to explore different pre wedding photoshoot poses and outfits, you have the quirky dynamic! These pre wedding photoshoot poses and outfits are for you!

Teeth Kissing

One of the most fun and quirky pose for your pre wedding photography shoot is the teeth kiss shot. As the couple attempts to create a teeth kiss shot for a photograph, they wind up chuckling and beaming unintentionally, resulting in wonderful candid photographs. Teeth kissing elicits genuine laughter from both couples and truly reflects their affection for one another.

Silly Dancing Pose

Dancing may be an embarrassing activity for so many couples and individuals, especially when a camera is pointed at them. But this is a fun and natural couple pose, and this is precisely why you should dance! You will undoubtedly giggle at your own embarrassment but this will help you relax and forget that you're being photographed, which may result in a lot of happy and natural couple poses and photographs. Get wild, show your true personalities, and show off your finest dancing skills! If you're a little shy, whirling your bride around can result in a delicate and exquisite photo as her gown glides along. These two couple pose are some of the greatest stances for displaying your individuality!

Piggyback Ride

You can alternate carrying each other on your backs. Piggyback rides may be childish, but they're a great way to unwind and have fun. If you're feeling uneasy, start with this stance to relax. A piggyback ride position will make you guys giggle and feel comfortable in front of the camera.

The Classic Couple Poses

The pre wedding photography poses list won't be completed without- of course- the classics! These classic couple poses, although commonly used, still gives the romantic feels.

Holding Hands

Asking an engaged couple to hold hands is a great first wedding photography pose for clients who are hesitant to pose for the camera. The pair can walk with their hands joined, stay motionless with their fingers interlaced, or develop their handhold into a delightful little spin! It may be a practice you and your spouse have developed. But, it requires some work to include such a commonplace everyday life practice into your pre-wedding photographs. It may be a simple wide photo of the two of you holding hands. This can also be an advantage to ask your wedding photographer to obtain some close-up shots of you and your partner's hand, notably if you're wearing your engagement ring!


Walking is identical, but the fluidity of this activity has the ability to provide some truly exciting photographs..

Nose-to-Nose and Forehead-to-Forehead Connection

Establish a foundation position by standing or sitting nose-to-nose or forehead-to-forehead next to each other. They'll reply with every thoughts, emotions and feelings imaginable, from calm romanticism to belly laughs, giving you and groom the opportunity to take engagement images that will undoubtedly become some of their personal favorites!

The Kiss

Of course, the list of wedding poses is not complete with the classic kissing couple pose! This couple pose, although widely used, is still one of the photographs that will complete your wedding album. However, this pre wedding photography pose might be a little awkward for you so here's some advice. What's the greatest method to avoid a sloppy or awkward kiss in photos? Practice! Yes, we recommend you to practice your kiss! This will not only fulfill the very functional purpose of executing that ideal perfect kiss, but it may also bring you closer together!

Staring Lovingly at Each Other

It is indeed true that eyes speak louder than words. This is the time for you to prove it! As you and your spouse look warmly into one other's eyes, you will be able to experience the affection, fondness, and respect that is present in your bond. Staring into one other's eyes, as cheesy as it may sound, is a method to convey your love for each other. This beautiful gesture is sure to make any female envious of your future spouse!

Sweet Back Hugs

Hugs are a go-to romantic pose for most couples because they produce one of most natural, genuine, intimate and attractive images when they originate from the soul. This pre wedding hug pose is one of the simplest methods for maintaining you and your partner's closeness while yet allowing the photographer to shoot both of your faces in the photos.

Wrap your arms around your partner and use this pose idea to create a variety of poses of images by changing lenses, modifying your viewpoint, and slightly shifting your partner in position.

Creative Couple Poses

A pre wedding shoot won't be complete with creative poses and stance. Check out our recommendations!

Hidden Kisses

Feeling hesitant to kiss in front of the camera? Here's the solution to your minor issue! If you want to be secretive, conceal your peck behind a clever prop you've arranged for the shoot. This will not only demonstrate how lovely you are, but it will also test your inner inventiveness!

Snuggle in a Blanket Together

This shot ranks among the best popular couple poses for fall or winter couple photoshoots. When snuggling under a blanket, you and your spouse may lean on and hug each other. Just a little tip: ensure that the blanket matches theirs and isn't too bright. It should only be used as a prop to add coziness to your images.

Under the Romantic Rain

You can organize and discuss wedding date until you're stressed, but you can't change the weather. Isn't that a shame? Prevent last-minute worry by planning engagement shoot venues with covered alternatives. Rainy-day photo sessions are the most charming. But keep in mind that you'll need specific rain gear for the equipments that will be used. Use a clear umbrella to create one-of-a-kind romantic photographs. Shot through the umbrella to achieve a soft, hazy appearance. You can also use the umbrella to make a stunning blurred foreground by covering part of your camera with it.

Feed Each Other

Food is a worldwide bridge builder. We all like trying out new recipes or snacking on delicious delights in the kitchen! Utilize this common interest to spark a food-themed picture shoot that you will like. This may appear to be another strange notion, but it's a terrific stance for candid romantic pictures. One of y ou should each feed the other. Check that the meal isn't anything that may result in uncomfortable photos, such as spaghetti! For example, you can experiment with various fruits such as blueberries, strawberries, and various sorts of berries.

Kiss Under your Bride's Wedding Veil

Kiss your bride under a veil for a fresh take and to add a creative touch to the traditional kissing stance! Not only is it innovative, but it also adds a touch of love and intimacy to your shot.

Detailed Couple Poses

Want some detail in your wedding photo album? You can choose here!

Gorgeous Couple Eye Close-Up

Detailed photographs may reveal significantly more about a relationship than you would realize. This is a simple posing stance that will allow your photographer to capture gorgeous close-ups of your eyes. They only need to lie quite near to one other. With a zoom lens, get up close and personal. Catch the expressions on your faces. This is an excellent method to highlight their connections and variances.

Show Off your Engagement Ring or Any Accessories that Symbolizes your Love Story

Often an engagement ring or a personal memento, such as an engagement necklace or bracelet, will be found on each partner's hand. Figure out what emblems of love you guys are wearing and photograph those gems with the same attention you'll use to photograph their love during the rest of the engagement picture shoot.


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