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Real Cost of a Complete Singapore Wedding (Part 1)

While it certainly might not be as bad as trying to hold a wedding in some other countries, planning and having a wedding amidst Singapore’s rising costs might threaten to put a damper on your wedding dreams. As a couple, you probably assume you should make it a really big event as it is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion for you both. Then there are your parents who raised you, whose requests you could hardly deny. And lastly, who could overlook the in-laws? In order to properly manage your budget and prepare yourself mentally and financially for the biggest day of your life, you'll need to know the true cost of a typical Singapore wedding. The Rings

Let’s talk about the engagement ring first, since that's usually the prerequisite, isn't it? Prices can span quite a wide range, but conservatively, a 0.30ct to 0.50ct diamond probably will set you back at least by $2000. Then for the wedding bands--his and hers. A simple unembellished pair from a reputable jeweller is estimated to cost around $1000 while a pair with one small diamond embedded will range from $2500 and up. Designer wedding bands (think Cartier and Tiffany) will push your budget to $10000 and beyond. Pre-wedding Photoshoot

Every bride will insist on this, even if that leather-bound album eventually gets packed away somewhere after the first year of marriage. This special shoot crystallising your journey as a couple thus far has no specific or standardised price range. Depending on the bridal studio you sign up with or the photographer you hire and whether the shoot is held locally or overseas, the packages can range from $590 to $10,000. 

Bridal Studio

You'll probably encounter a myriad bridal studios as you prepare for your wedding. To make things easier for yourself, you'll need to decide on whether you prefer to get made-to-measure wedding gowns or go with all rented gowns. For the most basic wedding package, you'll be looking at a good $2888. Be prepared for additional layers of cost if you're going for premium gowns or adding on extra photographs and accessories. Often, it's the small items that accumulate to a huge expenditure. 


Unless you are getting married under a tree in some park--though even that costs money--be prepared to fork out at least $30,000. Although not all Singapore hotels might charge you $1000 per table, they usually all have a minimum number of tables required if you want to book them for your wedding banquet. Depending on the hotel, the magic number usually lies between 25 and 30 tables. And unless you are set to go with their set menu, prepare to fork out more for menu add-ons. This is usually where your in-laws and parents tend to voice out their personal opinions and requests. It's not surprising to see a table price of $888 go up to $1188, with the addition of shark fin soup or bird's nest dessert.

Written by Kally Tay Edited by Priscilla Lai

* Kally Tay is a writer who used to be a bride from Annabel Law Productions and a friendship blossom with Bel after her wedding. She loves to share her knowledge of being a mum and her corporate experiences though her blog at Middle Me.

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