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Popular Wedding Themes (And How to Choose Yours)

Updated: Apr 27

A wedding theme is a central motif, style, or concept infused into every aspect of a wedding, from the wedding gown and attire to décor, food, and music. It is intended to create an aesthetic and emotionally cohesive look and feel to the wedding, reflecting the couple's personalities and desires. Examples of wedding themes include rustic vintage, beach, garden, bohemian, classic, and romantic.

Wedding Themes vs. Wedding Styles

A wedding theme refers to the overall concept or idea that the couple wants to incorporate into their wedding day. It sets the tone for the event and may be reflected in various elements such as decorations, color schemes, music, and attire.

On the other hand, a wedding style is a specific aesthetic or look that the couple wants for their wedding. It is more focused on the visual and design aspect of the wedding and can range from traditional to modern, rustic to elegant, and everything in between. The wedding style is expressed through the choice of venue, attire, decorations, and overall ambiance of the wedding.

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Do You Need a Wedding Theme?

Having a wedding theme can help set the mood, focus your planning, and create a cohesive look and feel for the event. A theme can also add personal touches and make the wedding more memorable.

Having a wedding theme is essential because it sets the tone and overall atmosphere for the entire event. It helps tie together all the elements of the wedding, from decorations to attire and creates a cohesive and memorable experience for all attendees.

Here are some reasons why having a wedding theme is important:

It creates a clear vision: A wedding theme provides a defined direction for the theme, colors, decoration, dress code, and other aspects that can help create a cohesive wedding vision. It will help to narrow down choices and make planning and decision-making easier.

It creates a memorable experience: A well-executed wedding theme can create a memorable experience that guests will discuss for years to come. From the decoration to what the wedding party wears, a cohesive theme can help to create a unique and unforgettable experience for everyone.

It reflects the couple’s personality: A wedding theme can reflect the couple's personality and their unique preferences. This can make the wedding more personal and meaningful, and help guests to understand and appreciate the couple’s style.

It sets the tone for the event: The wedding theme sets the tone for the entire event and influences everything from the music to the food choices. It creates a shared experience for the guests and helps to establish the desired atmosphere.

It helps to coordinate vendors: Having a wedding theme can benefit vendors such as florists, photographers, and decorators. The wedding planner can explain the desired vision or look to the vendors, and they will know what materials to use or the style of work to coordinate to improve the overall picture of the wedding theme.

In conclusion, an excellent wedding theme is critical because it helps to create a memorable experience, reflects the couple's personality, and creates a coherent vision that can help in decision-making and vendor coordination.

How do I choose my wedding theme?

Consider your personal style: Think about what styles you gravitate towards in your everyday life. Are you more traditional, modern, or bohemian? This can give you an idea of what theme would best suit you.

Consider your venue: The venue for your wedding is one of the biggest deciding factors when choosing a theme. If you’re getting married in a ballroom, a classic and elegant theme may work best, while a beach wedding could lend itself to a more relaxed and beachy vibe.

Consider the season: The time of year you are getting married can also help you decide on a theme. For example, a winter wedding could feature a cozy and intimate feel with darker colors and décor. While a summer wedding may lend itself to bright colors and outdoor celebrations.

Incorporate your interests: Think about your hobbies or passions and incorporate them into your theme. Maybe you’re a huge Harry Potter fan and want to have a wizard-themed wedding, or maybe you love gardening and want to incorporate flowers into every aspect of your wedding.

Look for inspiration: Browse wedding blogs and Pinterest boards for inspiration on various themes. This can give you a better idea of what you like and don’t like, as well as help you narrow down your choices.

Ultimately, the most important factor is to choose a wedding theme that feels true to you and your partner, and that you will be happy to look back on in years to come.

Presenting a list of some of the most common wedding ideas theme to help you choose the perfect wedding theme!

Classic Wedding Theme

A classic wedding theme typically focuses on timeless and elegant elements that convey a sense of traditional glamour and sophistication. The color palette tends to be neutral and subdued, featuring ivory, white, cream, and gold tones.

Key design elements include lush floral arrangements with cascading greenery, intricate lace details, and graceful accents such as crystal chandeliers, candelabras, or candlelight. The bride typically wears a traditional white wedding dress with intricate lace or embroidery, paired with a long veil, and classic pearl or diamond jewelry.

The groom will wear a classic black tuxedo or suit, complete with a bow tie, cufflinks, and a boutonnière. Décor elements may include classic displays such as a guest book adorned with calligraphy, photos of family members from past generations, and an elegant tiered wedding cake. The atmosphere is typically formal and refined, with a focus on elegance, grandeur, and old-world charm.

Classic modern wedding theme

A classic modern wedding theme is a fusion of timeless, elegant elements with contemporary design and décor. The color palette is typically neutral, with shades of cream, white, beige or grey, which provide a sophisticated and clean look. The venue may be a grand ballroom or a chic loft space, featuring minimalistic yet stylish furniture, lighting, and décor.

The bridal bouquet and floral arrangements are often minimalistic and contemporary with a few statement blooms, which add a pop of color and elevate the overall look. The wedding dress usually features sleek lines, a minimalist design, or a combination of both. Men’s attire can range from a classic tuxedo to a modern suit and tie.

Technology plays a significant role in a classic modern wedding, as couples introduce digital elements such as custom Snapchat filters, wedding day hashtags, and online guest books. Food and drink options are often creatively curated experiences, such as interactive food stations, signature cocktails, or wine tastings.

Overall, a classic modern wedding theme showcases a harmonious blend of traditional and contemporary elements, resulting in a chic and stylish celebration.

Bohemian Romantic Wedding Theme

A bohemian romantic wedding theme is characterized by an eclectic mix of natural elements, vintage elements, and whimsical details. It features flowing fabrics, such as lace, tulle, and floral prints, and incorporates a muted color palette with pastels and earthy tones. The décor often includes dreamcatchers, feathers, mismatched furniture, and floral arrangements with wildflowers and greenery. The ambiance of the bohemian romantic wedding is relaxed and joyful, with a focus on family, friends, and nature. The bride’s dress typically includes flowy and feminine details such as long bell sleeves, lace or crochet overlays, and intricate embroidery. The groom’s attire is often casual with a vest, suspenders, or a linen suit. Overall, the bohemian romantic wedding theme embodies an organic, free-spirited, and charming atmosphere.

Classic glamorous wedding theme

A classic glamorous wedding theme is typically inspired by the elegance and sophistication of old Hollywood. The color scheme usually consists of black and white, gold, silver, and/or metallic colors. The bride usually wears a classic, fitted gown with intricate beading or lace details and a long train. The groom typically wears a tuxedo or black suit. The décor includes crystal chandeliers, luxurious fabrics, and lots of flowers such as roses or peonies. The venue should be elegant and grand, such as a ballroom or stately home. The atmosphere is one of refinement and luxury, with formal dining, champagne toast, and live music.

Classic rustic wedding theme

A classic rustic wedding theme is a popular choice for couples who want a natural, vintage-inspired ambiance on their big day. This theme is characterized by a mix of traditional and rustic elements, creating a warm and cozy atmosphere. Think of barns, wooden tables, burlap, mason jars, wildflowers, and candlesticks. The color palette is usually earthy, featuring shades of brown, beige, cream, and green. Classic rustic weddings are often held outdoors, surrounded by nature, and feature simple yet elegant decorations that highlight the beauty of the landscape. This theme is perfect for couples looking for a relaxed, romantic, and charming wedding style.

Classic vintage wedding theme

A classic vintage wedding theme is a romantic and elegant style that incorporates elements from the past. It is inspired by the glamour of the 1920s, the charm of the 1950s, and the beauty of the 1960s. The color palette is typically muted pastels and ivory with gold and silver accents. The décor is characterized by lace, pearls, floral arrangements, vintage mirrors, and old-fashioned candlesticks. The bride's dress is usually a vintage-inspired gown with lace, beading, or embroidery. The groom wears a classic suit with suspenders or a bow tie. The overall ambiance is soft, romantic, and timeless.

Classic destination wedding theme

A classic destination wedding theme is characterized by an elegant and timeless atmosphere. This theme often features a formal ceremony and reception in a luxurious destination, such as a grand ballroom, historic mansion, or upscale resort. The décor typically includes traditional elements like crystal chandeliers, soft floral arrangements, and classic color palettes like white, ivory, gold, or silver. The attire for the bridal party and guests is typically formal, with the bride wearing a traditional white wedding gown and the groom wearing a classic tuxedo or suit. The focus of the wedding is on the celebration of the couple's love and the elegance and beauty of the destination itself.

Enough with the classic wedding themes and let us now unleash that fun and creative side of you with these creative wedding themes:

Creative Wedding Themes

The bride could wear a flowing bohemian-style gown, and the groom could wear suspenders and a bowtie. The guests could be encouraged to wear fun hats and sunglasses that work with the theme. Food and drink could be served on mismatched plates and vintage glassware. A live band could perform classic old tunes to provide a musical backdrop. Such a wedding theme can transport guests through time, and it brings a touch of whimsy and fun.

Creative Rustic Wedding Theme

This wedding theme is just similar to the classic rustic wedding theme but with the addition of fun and creativity. Bringing more life to the classic earthy color palette by bringing out those chic hats with bejeweled umbrellas under fairy lights.

Creative Modern Wedding Themes

Who could imagine that an old factory or an abandoned warehouse could be turned into a venue for your dream wedding? Or a really big and loud art could be repurposed as a ceremony backdrop? Creative modern wedding themes turn the unusual into a timeless style perfect for couples who like to live in this postmodern world.

Creative Storybook wedding theme

Are you a cinephile, a bibliophile, or just someone who immerses themselves a lot in stories and movies and has a particular admiration for them? Well then, this wedding theme is perfect for you. Turning your favorite fiction into your own reality can complete your dream wedding. This theme will surely make your wedding feel like a royal wedding with you as the princess.

Creative Seasonal Wedding theme

A creative seasonal wedding theme could be a winter wonderland. The wedding ceremony can take place outside in the snow with twinkling lights, pine cone décor, and white flowers making it more beautiful. The bride and groom can be dressed in white or wear faux fur accents to keep themselves toasty warm. The reception can be held in a warm and cozy indoor venue that is elegantly decorated with white and silver. Tables can be adorned with crystal and snowflake centerpieces. Guests can enjoy hot cocoa and seasonal treats. The wedding cake can be a snowflake designed with blue and silver snowflakes that suits the theme. The bride can also carry a bouquet with flowers like lilies, roses, or Carnations that go well with winter. Overall, the winter wonderland theme is perfect for couples who love the magic of winter and want to create a unique and memorable wedding experience.

Creative Alternative wedding theme

Time to get out of the box and explore this timeless wedding theme being the right mixture of unusual and fun. Unleash that rowdy rock and roll side of you or the serene one who likes to bask in the majestic view of the stars. Whatever you choose, out of all the wedding themes, this is surely the one who will captivate the attention of your guests.

Art Deco Wedding Theme

An art deco wedding theme is inspired by the glamour and luxury of the 1920s and 1930s. The theme is characterized by bold geometric shapes, rich colors, and intricate patterns. The overall feel of the wedding should be sophisticated and elegant, reminiscent of the grand parties of the Roaring Twenties.

The color scheme for an art deco wedding is typically black, gold, and silver, with pops of bold colors such as deep red, emerald green, or royal blue. Metallic accents and sequins are also commonly incorporated into décor items.

For the ceremony, an art deco wedding may feature a grand entrance with a dramatic arch or doorway, flanked by lush floral arrangements. An aisle runner with an elaborate geometric pattern could lead to a decorated altar or chuppah.

The reception should be a true reflection of the art deco theme, with intricate table settings featuring gold cutlery, glittering champagne glasses, and ornate place card holders. The venue itself could have geometrically patterned carpets and light fixtures, embellished ceilings, and art deco-inspired murals.

Flowers should be arranged in bold angular shapes and colors, with plumes of feathers or fronds of ferns adding a dramatic touch. Entertainment could include a live jazz band or swing dancers to capture the vibe of the roaring 20s.

Overall, an art deco wedding theme is a luxurious and glamorous choice, perfect for couples who want to transport their guests back in time to a bygone era of elegance and sophistication.

Preppy Wedding Theme

A preppy wedding theme is characterized by a classic, sophisticated, and elegant look. The color palette typically includes shades of navy blue, pink, and green, often detailed with stripes and polka dots. The décor is understated and typically includes timeless elements such as white roses, hydrangeas, and peonies. The bride and groom often keep their attire traditional, with the groom wearing a classic tuxedo and the bride dressed in a sophisticated and chic gown with a simple veil. The wedding invitation and stationery are often detailed with a serif font and a crest emblem. The wedding reception is usually elegant and refined, with a sit-down dinner and a champagne toast. The bridesmaids are typically dressed in matching dresses and carrying bouquets of white flowers. The preppy wedding theme reflects sophistication, classic elegance, and refinement with a touch of modern chic style.

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