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How to Kick-start Your Wedding Planning

Updated: Oct 17, 2018

If your answer was "Yes," congratulations on your first step towards becoming a Mrs.! As your euphoria settles, though, and your panic and instincts all start to kick in (don't we all experience that?), don't sweat! We are here to help you kick-start your planning!

Talk, Talk, Talk 

You need to align your wedding expectations with your fiancé's. We have all heard of couples who ended up quarreling over little things like theme, colors, food and budget. For myself, I've had friends who called off their wedding six months into the engagement because their fiancée had suddenly turned into a bridezilla, someone they did not know! You might want a princess wedding, complete with a horse-carriage ride into the Ritz Carlton while his idea of a dream wedding just might be a stay at a Downtown East chalet with his best beer buddies and a barbecue. Don't laugh! That was my cousin's wedding.

The Ultimate Date

Ah, the day that seals your fate together and forever. It's not as simple as picking say, 9th September or 10th October or even the date of your first meetup. Firstly, there are considerations such as whether it be a weekend wedding or whether the season of weather would permit (if you are having an outdoor wedding). Then as Asians, we will need to further consult with our elders and probably factor in our Eight Birth Characters and Tong acters and Tong Shu. For an in-depth look into choosing the right date, take a look here.

The Dream

Be honest and look into your heart—what is the kind of wedding you've always dreamt of? We all had childhood dreams of getting married to our Prince Charming on a white horse; however as we grew older (learned to "grow up"), our dreams were abandoned and replaced by practicality and feasibility. Whatever elements you wish to include—the theme, the venue and even the gown—will need to tie in with the wedding vision you have. If you have nothing specific in mind, look through bridal photos to get inspiration.  

The Vendors

Now with a theme in mind, work towards securing a venue. That is the biggest commitment you will need to secure—besides your husband's "I do," of course. Most brides start off with long checklists found online, but they usually don't follow through with the whole list. My suggestion is to create your own. Do note that all vendors require a minimum deposit to secure their services; hence, you will need to prepare the money beforehand. 

The Guest List

This is extremely important and in fact, should be immediately looked into once you both decide on the wedding date. It is crucial and most polite to inform your guests at least three months ahead if your wedding is held locally and at least six months if you are expecting them to travel to your destination wedding. 

So what are you waiting for? Start the heart-to-heart talk now with your man and make your first wedding decision together!

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Written By Kally Tay

Edited by Priscilla Lai

* Kally Tay is a writer who used to be a bride from Annabel Law Productions and a friendship blossomedwith Bel after her wedding. She loves to share her knowledge of being a mum and her corporate experiences though her blog at Middle Me.


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