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Fun and Creative Wedding Gatecrash Ideas


Planning for the wedding ceremony can be super stressful. However, planning for gatecrash wedding games is something that both the bride and groom will surely enjoy. Before they utter their lifetime promise to their partner at their wedding ceremony, the bride and groom deserve a great laugh. Wedding gatecrashes usually happen moments before the wedding day and are added to the same-day edit videos. Prepare the best wedding gatecrash game by reading this article.

Here are some tips before you start to throw your wedding gatecrashes and fun ways to make it more entertaining:

Decide On The Number Of Gatecrash Games And The Order

Whether you hold it in the bride's home, another home, or some other place, it is courteous to the guests to be organized about it. Plan it carefully so that the time will be maximized and there will be no lazy times.

Assign one bridesmaid to research games, another to write a list of things needed, and another to lead the event. Delegate tasks.

1. Check if the groomsmen are comfortable with the games

These guys are your friends so we have to make sure that they are comfortable throughout the entire course. We would not want the groomsmen to be uncomfortable. We want them to play and have fun.

2. Purchase and prepare game logistics in advance

This goes for everything you would attend. Prepare everything before the big day so you would not end up scrambling to look for alternatives or come up with a plan b. Bridesmaids should be able to help in this department.

3. Welcome the groomsmen with excitement

The bride and groom may do these but bridesmaids shall help too. We would want everyone to feel light and welcomed on our wedding gatecrash.

4. Give clear and concise instructions for each game

So as to avoid confusion and have a smooth wedding gatecrash. The games should be explained well. Provide examples if necessary. Have them watch a video of someone playing the game if they have trouble understanding.

5. Set penalties for the games

Extra punishments shall be set for those who are not participating in the games. Some of these might be more ang bao, tickling with a feather, or having them smell something gross. We would want everyone to cooperate.

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Gatecrash Wedding Games

Here is a list of gatecrash games and ideas you might want to do:

Ang Bao

Ang Bao giving is one of the many customary traditions of Asian families. Of course, bridesmaids and groomsmen should never be left out when it comes to this since they too have helped in planning your perfect wedding - or in this case, the gatecrashing. Ang baos can be given anytime so long as the bridesmaids ask for it.

This is a very very very important reminder. Never ever forget to open the ang bao. Always see to it that you open it immediately when you received it. You do not want to be a victim of the silly antics that the groomsmen may think of such as putting Rupiah inside your red packets.

The sky is the limit when it comes to the amount that should be given. A fun twist to this is to open the ang bao and have fun showing everything it contains. The result will really look fun and quirky in the videos.

Song and Dance

A party will never be complete without a song and dance number, am I right? It adds fun and entertainment, plus you get to showcase the hidden talents of your groomsmen. It will now be up to the guests who will see your video if these talents shall remain hidden and locked in a closet or should be out for the world to see.

If you choose to do the dance, it will be better if you download a tutorial video on a gadget with a relatively bigger screen so that it would be easier to follow. The flow will look smooth and dead airs or awkward pauses may be avoided. A speaker would also be needed so that the sound will be clearer. Maybe you can also spend a few times practicing if you want to make it look somewhat a little organized. Ask your groomsmen to do a little improvisation too such as lap dances for the groom or some pelvic and hip action to add to the entertainment value.

On the other hand, if you choose a song try searching for and downloading the karaoke version of the song so that the lyrics and melody will be heard loud and clear. It will also lessen the awkward moments wherein they will just say a bunch of mumbled or gibberish words because they do not know the lyrics. A familiar song may also be used so that other people who wish to sing along may do so.

Post its

Do you want to see your groomsmen bust their fanciest moves? Or see them move and shake their hips frantically while flailing their arms and legs? Are you having fun just imagining them being in this state? Here is a wonderful and perfect idea for you! Post-its are not only used for academic purposes such as for studying and taking notes. They can also be used to create whimsical games such as this one.

For this game, you would have to stick plenty of post-its on the body part of the groomsmen. Stick one for each body part. The goal of this game is for them to be able to remove them from their body without holding them in a span of 10 seconds. They may shake them off or twist their body to unstick them. You may even stick one in their mouth and watch them pout their way out of it! What a funny sight.

Alternatively, you may use clothes clippers although this may be a little painful.

Shake It off

For this, you want to ask for the help of your bridesmaids. Prepare a box with a hole in the middle (a tissue box would be perfect for this but you may opt to find alternatives for this if you have none). Ask them to fill this with ping-pong balls, keys, or clips inside. You may also put in other types of balls as long as it is light and small enough to be taken out of the hole. Then, tie them on the waists of your groomsmen and let the game begin!

Ask your gentle groomsmen to shake the contents out of the box. Give them around 15 seconds to empty their boxes. Never forget to set a time limit so that you can see them put in the effort. Watch them shake the life out of their butts and have a good laugh seeing their twerking skills.

This might be a good workout for them, right?

Yoga Poses Gatecrash Game

Time to bring out the creativity you have inside of you! Oh and also test the flexibility of your groomsmen. Ask your bridesmaids to look for different group yoga poses that are aesthetically pleasing or a human pyramid. Then, choose around 3-4 groomsmen to recreate these poses and the remaining guys to help them with positioning or support.

You should avoid spelling out words or phrases since this may not be achieved perfectly making them indecipherable when you see them on video.

Another option is if you want everybody to participate, to do a yoga circle wherein you ask them to form a circle and raise their legs as high as they can. Ensure that their legs are straight and everyone is doing it. You may also do yoga push-ups wherein you ask them to partner up and do the 69 position. Then ask the one on top to do push-ups (you may decide how many they should do).

Lipstick Love

For a special day such as this one where they need to doll up, bridesmaids usually have lipsticks ready. Why not use these for your groomsmen too?

Apply red lipstick on the lips of your groomsmen and let them kiss each other leaving lipstick marks. They may choose any body part (forehead, cheek, or neck) just make sure to avoid staining their clothes. You may also want to take photos of them with the lipstick on and lips puckered.

For an additional challenge, you may want to ask them to spell out something or draw something but just using their lips.

Hopscotch Gatecrashing Games

Are your groomsmen part of your childhood? Time to hit that nostalgia train and try this enjoyable childhood game I am sure everyone has tried even once in their lifetime.

Since we are not those young innocent kids anymore, it is time to amp up this game. Add obstacles for an extra challenge. Tie their arms behind them or their legs. You may also ask them to use their hands instead of their feet in hopping from one square to another. Get creative with the rules and write your own!

Make sure that they follow your rules and they are within the squares or they suffer punishment or penalty.

What's in the Box?

This game will test how brave you really are. With your bridesmaids, prepare a list of the things that may be scary or icky for your groomsmen. This may include worms, frogs, spiders, cockroaches, or slime. Gather these things and place them inside a well-covered box with only a small hole where they can fit their hands. Together with these, put a key or childhood pictures, a personal item, or anything you want.

The goal of this game is to retrieve the precious thing inside that box with unknown things inside. Have your groomsmen face their fears and be anxious about what could be the other things they are touching inside that box.

For an added twist, you may blindfold them too to make sure they really cannot peek inside the mystery box. Or you can add just cotton balls or feathers that might feel scary but are actually harmless. Fear of the unknown is thrilling, yes?

Suan Tian Ku La with a twist

The age-old game of Sour, Sweet, Bitter & Spicy challenge will involve eating. If you would prefer something that will not involve a lot of physical activity, this game will be fit for you. The key here is your taste buds. Prepare a variety of food that is sour, sweet, bitter, and spicy. Make your groomsmen eat them.

If you think this is too easy, hold your horses. Since the title has "with a twist" in it, a challenge will be added. You may place the food in a big bowl and give your groomsmen a straw each. These may be super long or extra short. You may also give them tiny little cutlery to use. Or put the food in obscure containers such as baby bottles or condiment containers (if they are liquid). Another is to ditch the materials and use only their mouths. You can also level up the spiciness or sourness of the food. Have them finish the food in a short period of time.

It is important to not go overboard in this game and let it get out of hand because these will be ingested by your groomsmen and we don't want them to end up in a hospital.

Duct tape

This game will, of course, involve the use of duct tape. You would need to roll it around your groomsmen so as to restrict their movement. Then get them to do whatever you want!

You may ask them to go from point A to B either by walking or rolling, doing some jumping or exercises, or whatever you cant think of! This game has endless possibilities.

If you think duct tape is really sticky and hard to remove which may damage their clothes or hurt them, a cling wrap may be used as an alternative just make sure to do a lot of layers for a stronger hold.

Lick it Off

This game would make your groom and groomsmen showcase the love they have for each other! Let's put those tongues to good use. Kidding aside, this game will surely provide you with a good laugh.

For this game, something edible would be involved. It may be a whipped cream, cookie, biscuit, chocolate, or fish sauce. Ask one of them to balance it on their face or any chosen body part and another to lick it (clean it) off of them. This can look a little sensual...or gross.

Be sure to clean them well after the game so that they will still look presentable for the ceremony and subsequent photoshoots.

Wax strips

Ladies, we are all too familiar with the pain these little strips can give us. This tiny sticky thing can hurt you more than a breakup. Now let the guys feel it too!

Grab your trusty waxing strip and ask the groomsmen to expose their hairiest parts (arms, legs, or armpits). Bridesmaids would then apply the well-known process of waxing and watch (or hear) these big macho men scream their hearts out! You can also observe how their faces curl up to the pain and produce funny faces.

I just wish that there will be no damaged eardrums at the end of this game.

Mahjong Tiles Foot Bath

Ask the aunties to stop playing for a while and borrow their mahjong tiles for this entertaining game. Be sure to do this nicely. We do not want them to get mad, okay?

Prepare a bucket filled with freezing water. Not just cold but freezing. Complete with cold water and lots and lots of ice. Put the mahjong tiles in. Ask the groomsmen to remove their shoes and dip their feet in the bucket to get the winning mahjong tile and raise it up. The groom would be exempted from this game and instead will be the master. He will be the one to set the pace of the game.

Caterpillar push-ups

Simple push-ups are too easy and a lot can do them. So, why not add a twist? Have your groomsmen make the caterpillar position and do push-ups simultaneously. Teamwork and coordination will be the key to successfully winning this game.

This will really bring out some laughs when you see them struggle to complete this game. Especially that poor guy in the tail end that carries almost the whole weight of the team.


Time to exercise your core with this game. Bring out that old twister mat you have been keeping for game nights and play it now.

I assume we are all familiar with this game, right? If you are still confused, just read the instructions in the game manual.

This is a very enjoyable game and laughs will surely erupt once the players are all entangled in a position and struggling to touch the circle.


These are just some of the most popular wedding gatecrash games you may enjoy doing. Always remember to check if everyone is comfortable doing the games to ensure good fun. Gather everything you will need so that you won't cram and find alternatives.

Most of all, remember to have fun! This is intended to be a light and happy activity. Something you can bond over with friends and have a little laugh in the future while strolling down memory lane.


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