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Everything You Need to Know About Malay Wedding Singapore

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

The main purpose of a wedding ceremony serves to offer the bride and groom a chance to make vows to one another. These commitments serve as the cornerstone of their union and provide the celebrant clergy the authority to proclaim the couple husband and wife. So, effort should be made to ensure that, if the vows are honored, their marriage would be fulfilling and secure. And all of the commitments made throughout the ceremony should be emphasized and made clear to the family and friends in attendance. One of the best? Malay Weddings!

Aspiring to make your dream wedding come true? Congratulations! You're in the right place! Here is the ultimate guide to achieve your dream Malay Wedding!

Pre Wedding Day Customs

Before anything else, let's start with the basics! Pre Wedding Day tradition are one of the most important part in line with preparing for your wedding day. Don't have any idea about this tradition? No worries! I got you covered!

Preparatory Course

If you're thinking that this is the usual pre wedding preparation, you're wrong. It is a two-day matrimony arrangements for your wedding. No idea? Here's what you need to know.

The two-day matrimony preparation course is offered by mosques and other Islamic institutions. Throughout the session, couples will receive a briefing on the fundamentals of marriage and learn how to handle life issues including money planning, wedding cost control, and in-law relationship building as husband and wife. Couples will get a certificate at the conclusion of the program attesting to their successful completion.

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Betrothal Gifts (Hantaran)

The giving and receiving of presents during a Malay wedding is another custom. The bride and groom's family give gifts and money to one another, much as the gift-exchanging custom of the Guo Da Li Chinese wedding ritual. Contrary to the Chinese Guo Da Li, there are no restrictions on what they may give each other as presents in malay wedding, thus they can give each other anything they desire, from food to purses to perfume. Also, there is no absolute need for how many presents you must give.

Wedding Theme, Decorations, and Catering

Typically, two to three days prior to the marriage ceremony, the venue or house is decorated. The couple getting married would also give each other flowers made out of betel leaves, known as Sireh Dara and Sireh Junjung, in addition to the betrothal presents. After the ceremony, other unmarried men and women seek out the Sireh Dara and Sireh Junjung as a representation of their virginity and good luck in marriages. They are frequently put on the dais as component of the venue decorating.

Berinai (Henna for the Bride)

Brides will have Berinai, a type of henna coloring, two to three days prior to the ceremony. Henna is applied to the tips of the bride's and groom's fingers to symbolize their recent marriage, a Hindu tradition. The majority of couples still elect to practice Berinai sessions even though they are not considered required in the Islamic faith.

Berinai sessions can range from simple gatherings of close friends and relatives to grandiose affairs that include putting up a dais and bringing guests. In the past, brides would put on various bridal gowns for photographs at the Berinai.

Wedding Day Customs

These traditions doesn't just stop with pre-wedding preparations. There's also a customs to be followed on the actual wedding day!

The Wedding Ceremony

The solemnization ceremony ushers in a wedding, as it does with the majority of ceremonies. The bride is often wed to the groom at her house by her father, commonly referred to as the Wali.

According to Islamic law, a father is completely in charge of his family's female members, including his daughter. Because of this, when the father is not there, the male next-of-kin hierarchy in family, is evident. Fathers are urged to give the bride away at the solemnization ritual, but they are also allowed to delegate the function of the Wali to the Kadi if they are not comfortable doing so.

One of the most significant parts of the ceremony is the Akad Nikah, also known as the wedding solemnization, in which the couple's marriage is formally established in front of witnesses. On the morning of the big day, the solemnization typically occurs in the ROMM building or even the location of the wedding celebration.

Tepung Tawar

The Tepung Tawar ritual denotes the marriage's blessing and serves to keep the wife and husband safe from harm. The solemnization ceremony may be followed by the ceremony, or the ceremony may occur during Majlis Persandingan. The older people will appear during the Tepung Tawar ritual and shower the newlyweds with a number of items, each of which represents a distinct gift for the pair in life and their relationship:

White rice: It promotes fertility

Yellow rice: For valour and tenacity

Kernel: For prosperity and growth

Rose water: To promote family harmony

Majilis Persandingan

During a two-day wedding ceremony, the Majlis Persandingan, a major event of the ceremony, might be held the next day. The phrase "Persandingan" refers to sitting next to someone on a designated seat, such as the Pelamin or Dais. The newlyweds will be clothed in traditional Malay clothes for the bersanding procedure.

Several men or boys will begin performing "silat" for the groom and bride one at a time as soon as they are seated. Every "silat" action has a purpose, such as blessings for the marriage or asking protection. The newlyweds will move to the groom's side, in which the procession of the Hadrah or Kompang band proceeds, after posing for pictures with their guests.

Malay Wedding Packages

Here are some of the best malay wedding packages that you will surely love as a wedding reception for your big day!

Hamidah Ali Wedding Services

This is one of the best malay wedding services that you definitely should try! They provide DJ Karaoke, sireh dara, pulut pahar, wedding cakes, professional make-up and hairstyle rentals, décor and dias, photography, videography, and catering for all events.

HJH Maimunah Restaurant

When it comes to traditional, Kampung-style food, you may be familiar with the moniker Hjh Maimunah Restaurant & Catering Pte Ltd. Since its opening in the 1990s, Hjh Maimunah Restaurant has provided meals, services, and events for patrons from all spheres of society and social functions. You will definitely be transported back to the good ol' days of the rustic origins after eating at Hjh Maimunah Restaurant.

In addition to delicious meals, this restaurant also offers buffet catering for special occasions, weddings, and events. Their cuisine may be served with a variety of dishes to select from.

D'johara Wedding Palace

D'Johara Wedding Palace is one of the most recognized professional wedding service providers in Singapore, with more than 30 years of expertise organizing Malay weddings and business events. In order to fit your budget, D'Johara provides a variety of wedding service packages.

Cahaya Nanie Wedding Services

Another great malay wedding services is the Cahaya Nanie Wedding Services. General malay wedding package and services are offered by Cahaya Nanie Wedding Services. There are several wedding packages available. Here are some of their offered services.

  • Wedding Packages

  • Catering

  • Pelamin & Decor

  • Bridal Room Decor

  • DJ & Karaoke

  • Kendarat

  • Kompang

  • Sireh Dara

  • Berkat

  • Table and chairs rental

Malay Wedding Venues

Now that you know the customs and some of the best wedding packages for a Malay Wedding, it is now time to hop in to the best venues! Check these places out!

Singapore Turf Club Wedding Package

One of Singapore's most prestigious Malay wedding packages and locations. The club offers the ideal location for your ideal wedding thanks to its opulent surroundings and staff of committed experts. Mekar Weddings and Venues provides a selection of wedding packages to suit all preferences, budget and financial constraints. Together, you and our team of Mekar professionals will design a special, wonderful wedding day that you will always remember.

Warren Golf & Country Club Marquee Wedding Package

On your big day, the Warren Golf & Country Club Marquee Wedding package is indeed very perfect! The Warren Golf & Country Club is the perfect location to celebrate your special day since it has a beautiful environment and room for all of your guests. This kind of package of all-inclusive pricing ensures that your dream fairy tale marriage day will be flawless.

NSRCC Changi Wedding Package

For couples looking to exchange vows in an opulent location, Mekar Weddings and Venues' NSRCC Changi Wedding Package provides an exquisitely constructed wedding venue package. The NSRCC Changi Wedding Package consists of a feast, solemnization ceremony, welcoming celebration, and more. The ideal setting for your ideal wedding will be provided for you and your guests. You may hold your wedding ceremony and celebration at this gorgeous Malay wedding venue location.


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