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5 Ways to Avoid Looking Bloated on Your Wedding Day

Every bride wants to ensure she looks her prettiest and best on the biggest day in her life. A good photographer might take care of how you turn out in the photos, but you'll need to face all your family and friends in person, of course. Bloating doesn't only show up in the tummy area but also on the arms, thighs, as well as face. And if it shows up under the eyes as under-eye bags, no corset will be able to help you there! 

Avoid Junk Food Weeks Prior to the Wedding

One of the culprits of bloating is sodium as it makes your body retain loads of water. This means that at least one month before your wedding, you should be cutting from your diet potato chips, canned food, instant noodles and of course, everyone's favourite, McDonald's french fries. MSG (Monosodium glutamate) is another food item to avoid. It's commonly found in so many foods that it might be tricky to eliminate it from your diet, but because it is also a kind of sodium, it should be avoided. You would do best to stick to whole foods and meals made from fresh ingredients. Guzzle Down Water

You might have thought that drinking water would cause bloating, but in fact, drinking at least a minimum of eight glasses of water daily will help to flush toxins out of your body and repair damaged cells more quickly. Just avoid drinking water after 9pm at night to avoid water retention and the disruption of your beauty sleep when you have to get up to visit the loo in the night. One great way to encourage yourself to drink more water is to squeeze a few drops of lemon or other fresh citrus fruit into your glass of water, to make it zesty and interesting. 

Avoid Eating Beans As early as forty-eight hours before your wedding, you should start to steer clear of these. Beans are a high-fructan food which can cause adverse reactions in some people, resulting in bloating, farting and burping. It can cause hiccups too, and you definitely wouldn't want to get the hiccups while saying your wedding vow! Eat Slowly

Eating too quickly will actually cause you to swallow air. When you're eating too quickly or talking while you're eating, you're ingesting air which can get trapped in your stomach and cause bloating. And that's not the only bad thing about eating quickly; when you scarf down your meals, you unwittingly end up eating more because you don't realize you're full until it's too late. Avoid Alcohol As Much As Possible

Did you know that certain alcohols like wine and cocktail mixers have a lot of sugar in them? Additionally, the body also tends to retain extra fat when you consume alcohol so the first day or two after a night of heavy drinking you'll be bloated with all the extra calories and unused body fat. So if you are planning a Hen’s Night, it'd be best to hold it at least a week away from your wedding. I am pretty sure all your bridesmaids will appreciate it too. Written By Kally Tay Edited by Priscilla Lai

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