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23 Wedding Restaurants To Tie The Knot In Singapore Other Than Hotel Ballrooms

Through the years, it has been a tradition to hold big events, such as a wedding, in hotel ballrooms to accommodate more design, food, and guests. A lot of people believe that the bigger and grand the venue, the better. However, because times are changing the trends have also followed suit. Some would only choose to hold smaller and a more intimate wedding dinner not only to save money but to also make it more special. Hotel ballroom is commonly reserved for the more traditional ones. But it is completely up to you, the bride and groom if you choose to shy away from the usual and add flavor to your wedding day.

How will I choose between a hotel ballroom or a restaurant for the wedding reception?

In choosing whether to hold your ceremony in a hotel ballroom or restaurant, a lot of factors are needed to be considered. First of course would be your guest list. Do you intend to invite 50, 100, 200, or more people? How about the seating arrangements, are there guests that should not be in the same table? Second, will be the overall design. Will you add a lot of flowers? Do you want the spacing of the tables to be a far apart? Third consideration will be the logistics. If you will hold the ceremony at a different place, how far will the reception be? Will your guests be able to go there? Lastly, consider also the budget that you have prepared. How much are you willing to spend? Although some restaurants will cost the same, if not a lot, if you compare it with hotel ballrooms. Conversely, there are some that offer a lot less cheaper stuff but with high quality.

What and how do I choose the right restaurant?

That is what this article is for. We will provide a list of suggestions and their corresponding location in the restaurant. A few tips that we can give you are again to consider those factors mentioned above. If you can, schedule a "food tasting trip" on your top 5 chosen restaurants and check if you like their food and if you think that it is worth what you are paying for. Additionally, perhaps you might also want to check the general ambience of the place to better match the general feel of your ceremony. Read this article to know our suggestions.

We present to you a list of the best wedding restaurants in Singapore to hold your special day guaranteeing not only happy hearts but also happy stomach

Some would also include customer reviews and testimonials to further help you in deciding what is best for you.

Ah Yat Seafood Restaurant

Did you find yourself craving Chinese cuisine? Well, here is the perfect restaurant for you! With 3 branches across Singapore, you'll surely get the best taste of Chinese cuisine that will leave you wanting more.

Customer Reviews:

One of the better Chinese restaurant

A very nostalgic Chinese restaurant in Singapore. This is the Chinese restaurant that I will go to whenever the family is craving good Chinese cuisine.

I have visited the restaurant many times in the past, be it lunches or dinners, it has never disappointed us. The restaurant offers fresh seafood and patrons can actually choose their catch at the water tanks located outside the restaurant and choose they want them to be cooked. Their cooking style is more Hong Kong and it’s a must-visit if this is what you are looking for. They have dim sum as well which I find them pretty good as well. -Your_Travel_Buddy_SG

Have a look at their details:


Facebook: @ahyatseafood

*You can find the address of their different branches as well as their corresponding contact numbers in their website

The Summerhouse

A premiere destination place, The Summerhouse has everything you'll need. A restaurant, cafe, and bar where you can hold just any event. Sustainability is also practised here with their in-house edible garden.

Customer Reviews:

Great Ambience and Service

It was our first time visiting The Summerhouse for their dinner and to celebrate a birthday. Great ambience, service and food. Thank you to Nick and the team for taking care of us during the period and took note of all our request. The staff were very attentive and quick to attend to us even though we were sitting at the corner. They also took note that we were celebrating a birthday and presented a omplimentary cake. Highlight of the dinner was the Avocat Au Pecorino et Jaune D'oeuf and Purée de Pomme de Terre Fumée. Definitely will come back again and perhaps to try the Brunch next time around. -Natasha_Aaliyah

Have a look at their details:


Instagram: @thesummerhousesg

Address: 3 Park Lane, Seletar Aerospace Park, Singapore 798387


Contact Number: 8809 5840

Shangri-La Waterfall Ristorante Italiano

If you're looking for an Italian restaurant, here it is! One of the high-end restaurants that is known globally, this restaurant boasts delectable cuisine that will make your mouth water.

Customer Reviews:


Had a short lunch before boarding my flight, the lamb leg and the pasta were perfect and delicious, thanks to chef Terry and lin jie. The service stuff like gwen , loges , tobias and julis were super friendly and kind. -Hoxiaodan

Have a look at their details:


Address: 22 Orange Grove Rd, Level One, Garden Wing, Singapore 258350

Operating hours: Monday to Sunday 12 pm - 2:30pm; 6 pm to 10:00 pm

Contact Number: +65 6213 4398

Tamarind Hill

Maybe you want a wedding venue closer to fit with your nature-themed weddings? Here is a suggestion. Tamarind Hill offers Thai and Shan Cuisine that will offer you different and delicious food.

Customer Reviews:

Great atmosphere for gathering

Had my rom + wedding reception there during covid in 2021.

It was a nice cosy environment, the service is great! I had everything I wanted!

The event planner was Sarah. She was so responsive and always replied to me in time. There were SO MANY regulations during that period, Sarah really helped us ease our nerves in handling all of those!!!

Highly recommend here if you want to have a small and intimate event.

Thanks Sarah for all the help we got! -XinyuZ29

Have a look at their details:


Facebook: @TamarindHillSG

Address: 30 Labrador Villa Road, Singapore 119189

Contact Number: +65 6929 2100


Perfect for an intimate wedding, this restaurant is an ideal location for a couple who loves romantic kinds of dinners. A view of the Singapore river through the glass windows will add a lot more elegance to your indoor venue.