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Six Signs That He's a Keeper!

So you two have been dating for over a year now, and at least once or twice the words ‘marriage’ and ‘future’ were casually brought up during conversation. Before you take matters into your own hands to tell him it's time to open a joint account or that there's really no harm in balloting for a BTO now, let’s take a quick look at some fundamentals before you decide that your man is the one to keep for life!

He values gender equality

Not only does he respect you, but he values your sense of judgment too, when it comes to decision making. He doesn't think of women as second-class, expecting you to don the apron, do the housework and organize the laundry for him after a long day at work. That being said, he still demonstrates gentlemanly behaviour in holding the door for you, carrying the groceries and being your heroic cockroach killer. He is a keeper!

He behaves like an adult

Unless you want to mother him for the rest of your life, this is extremely important. He really shouldn't be an irresponsible drinker, habitually tardy and always expecting you to "get over it," or be saddled with mountains of debt. Before he can take care of you, he needs to know how to take care of himself. If he can clean, cook and save his money better than you can, he's definitely a keeper!

He loves you deeply

Who we really are lies in our inner self and not in how we look on the outside. We may grow fat after pregnancy, our complexion can easily change, and we'll all grow old and frail one day. If he's that shallow when it comes appearance, it might be time to stop short and think. Everyone wants to have their very own Chris Dreamy Evans or Jennifer Sexy Lawrence forever, but reality dictates otherwise. If he loves you regardless whether or not you're having bad acne, a bad hair day or even a bad mood, he is a keeper! 

He supports your career

Today, it's all about dual-income couples. If he can't respect your decision to work through the weekend on your project and instead whines about how you should be accompanying him to the Justin Bieber concert, he might not be mature enough to handle you and this relationship. If, instead, he listens to you when you complain about your bosses and gives you constructive advice and a good shoulder rub while you furiously type out emails late into the night, he is a keeper! 

He sings your praises to others

He would never speak of you degradingly in front of his buddies. On the contrary, he speaks so much of how he respects and admires you that his friends greet you with: "It was about time I met you in person, because he hasn't been able to stop gushing about you!"--he is a keeper! 

He makes you laugh

Humour will make a heavy burden light, and laughter will help you endure through difficulties and hardships. If your man knows the importance of humour, can make you laugh out loud, and perhaps most importantly, knows how to laugh at himself, he is a keeper! 

Written by Kally Tay

Edited by Priscilla Lai

* Kally Tay is a writer who used to be a bride from Annabel Law Productions and a friendship blossomed with Bel after her wedding. She loves to share her knowledge of being a mum and her corporate experiences though her blog at Middle Me.


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Annabel Law

Annabel Law has 15+ years experience as a wedding photographer. Annabel Law Productions has shot over

600 weddings in Singapore and overseas. She is the only female Canon EOS master and she has been

featured in Straits Times, Business Times, Mothership and many more. Annabel offers wedding photography, wedding videography and boudoir photography services. 

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