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Best Christian Wedding Songs Modern & Classic

Updated: Apr 24

Weddings are not just a plain and simple recitation of vows. It is a celebration of love and hopes for a good future. Thus, it is important to make this livelier through songs.

How to choose the perfect Christian songs for weddings?

As perfect as the wedding might be, it would never be complete without the best wedding songs. A great song that tells your love story. Your first dance as a newly wedded couple will be just as sweet and precious as when your very first love song was being played in the background. To feel the amazing grace from the heavens as you walk down the aisle with your chosen Christian wedding ceremony songs. A song that perfectly describes your strong Christian faith. Experiencing the father-daughter dance may be more special if a Christian song is being played in the background. The wedding vows become more meaningful if a light melody of a popular Christian wedding song is played. Because a marriage bonded by Christian faith can withstand even the most challenging obstacles.

In curating your wedding playlist first, you would need to pick a theme. In this case, Christian wedding songs. Many would think that these are just some boring, lifeless, gloomy songs. But boy are they mistaken. A lot of modern worship songs have been popularized nowadays. People are adapting. You can find a piece of Christian music that can fit your first dance, father-daughter dance, mother-son songs, or even fire up the dance floor. Just do a simple search of the "most popular Christian songs." But to save you the hassle of looking through different artists, pages, and playlists, here is a list of recommendations you can add to your wedding music.

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What type of music is played at a Christian wedding?

A Christian wedding usually has gospel wedding songs, popular Christian songs, or something sung by great artists such as Andrea Bocelli, Celine Dion, Dave Barns, Bob Carlisle, and Jimmy Needham. You can choose anything as long as the song lets your Christian faith shine. Be it Christian hip hop, modern songs, gospel songs, worship songs, slow dance songs, or whatever you decide is the perfect song to depict your answered prayers.

Are there songs that should not be played in the ceremony?

Of course, there will be some that are not appropriate. Always be mindful of who your wedding guests are and what this celebration is. Remain respectful.

What are the popular Christian wedding songs?

A simple search on different search engines or music streaming sites can provide you with tons of titles and artists. But it would take time for you to listen to them one by one especially if you are not familiar with the song, am I right? You still have a lot of planning left to do. So, here I am willing to extend a helping hand. A simple explanation of why they are perfect songs to play on your wedding day will be provided in this list. Some have themes of being Christian while some were performed by several Christian artists.

Without further ado, here are some of the best Christian wedding songs:

Let's Stay Home Tonight by Needtobreathe

Let us start this list with a sweet song by Needtobreathe which is a popular band among Christians. It tells us to stop and enjoy the moment. Chilling with someone you love with your favorite songs playing in the background at home topples going out to a restaurant any day. This song reminds us of the comfort of slowing down with your partner amidst the business of this confusing world. Ain't that the best feeling in the world?

“Love Is Here” by Dave Pettigrew

Imagine walking on your wedding march with a mellow rendition of this song. The person you are going to marry just standing there, in awe of your beauty. This song perfectly describes what the meaning of love is. Things that you look for when falling in love. Mixing all of these things in a person - your only love.

Till I Found You by Phil Wickham

The feeling of satisfaction when you have already found the one. The calmness of your mind knowing that this will be the one to last. That sigh of relief after all of those failed attempts at love and finally founding someone. Now you're ready to start a new chapter in your life with a contented heart.

“Reckless Love” by Cory Asbury

A song about how profound God's love is. The sacrifices He has done for us. How great thou art is that He is willing to do everything for us. We may feel that we do not deserve this but He assures us that it's okay and we are worth it. May you see this unconditional love God has for us in your partner.

“I Choose You” by Ryann Darling

You're my always You're my forever You're my reality You're my sunshine You're my best times You're my anomaly

Picture yourself in your beautiful white dress having your first dance with your new husband. The mellow rhythm of the song coupled with the lyrics that promises you will choose them no matter what. Reiterating the vows you had. For richer and for poorer. You will stay no matter what. Just like how God has chosen us despite our mistakes. If that doesn't make you shed a tear and feel so loved, I don't know what will.

Love Song by Third Day

Another one of the songs that revolve around the sacrifices God has done for us. The overwhelming love He has for us. He weathered a lot of storms for us. These type of songs makes this celebration more holy. Enveloping us with the love we deserve. Again, I hope you see this in your partners.

“Love Will Be Our Home” by Sandi Patty

As they say, home is where you feel the safest. Home is where you are the happiest. Home is where you feel the most loved. Home is where you would never feel alone. Lastly, a home can be a person. This serves as a marriage prayer that the love you have for each other and your new family will make it feel like home.

I'm In Love With You by Fred Hammond

The sweet innocence of realizing for the first time that you are in love and your feelings are being reciprocated. What a song to use on the dance floor! All of those times that were spent wishing and praying. At last! Here it is. A great way to liven up the wedding reception and enjoy the rest of the celebration dancing with your friends.

We Will Dance by Steven Curtis Chapman

This is a sweet reminder that yes there will be hard times. You will be tested a lot during your marriage. Difficulties will arise. But at the end of the day, you guys have each other. You will hold hands and face everything together. You will dance and enjoy all of the good things that happened. Everything will get better.

The Day Before You – Matthew West

Standing in front of you on your wedding day was the one who made you believe in love again. The one who made you realize why it never worked out with the others. The one who made you say that "this is what love is." Now you're ready to face the best chapters of your life.

“First Love Song” by Across the Sky

Feeling the love that makes you want to write songs and sing your heart out. A love story you will be proud to tell everyone. A story you would want to relive over and over again. The overwhelming emotions you feel as if it's the first time in your life. A very good song to perform during your celebration.

Flesh of My Flesh by Leon Patillo

A fresh take on the words God has left for us. He created us and promised to take care of us. All that He wanted from us is a promise that we are one with Him. We will choose Him as He chose us. We offer everything we do for Him. A song that guarantees that we would always remember Him and keep Him in the center of our marriage.

Household of Faith by Steve Green

The lyrics to this song could serve as your wedding vows. A promise to commit to each other and strive to make it a home built on faith - the strongest foundation a home can have. A home where you can feel the love of God all over.

Two Becoming One by Jonathan and Emily Martin

Here's my hand

It's yours to hold

I give myself to you

Here's my heart

Please make it yours

I give my love to you

We are two becoming one

Here I am

Here's all of me

You have all that once was mine

And Here's my promise

I'm yours to hold I'll stay here by your side

May what He's joined be not undone

May our love put Christ on display

When we're weak and when we're strong

When it's hard to carry on

Oh God we want Your love on display

Here's my life I lay it down

I give up myself for you

And here's my will I submit to you

I will follow where you lead

Here we are

We're Yours and Yours alone God

May what You've joined be not undone

We want the world to see Your love through us

I mean, do I still have to explain? A perfect amalgamation of what marriage should be flawlessly conveyed in a song. Faith, trust, courage, and hope.

Love Never Fails by Brandon Heath

There will be times that you will question what love is. But this Christian wedding song will describe to you what love should be. This song would remind us of the passage 1 Corinthians 13:4-13. The very same words God has used to describe the love we should all long for. The love He willingly gave us.

Wedding Day by Casting Crowns

This song is one of the best Christian wedding songs. It effectively conveys the wave of emotions you feel when your wedding day has come. The comfort of making the right choice and standing by it. When you recognize that God does give what is perfect for you and at the right time.

“You Love Me Anyway” by Sidewalk Prophets

Oh, how God loves us despite all of our imperfections. How He willingly assures us despite our constant doubts, fears, and questions. He is patient enough to wait for us to come back in His arms. Lastly, how He encourages us to take a chance and be brave for He will always hold our hands.

Good Day For Marrying You by Dave Barnes

Another happy song that will make you want to run to the dance floor. It creatively puts a spin on the excitement you feel when the day has finally come. The day you will marry the love of your life. It's time this fairytale came true. That giddy feeling you have when you wake up is wonderfully portrayed in this song.

The Prayer – Josh Groban with Charlotte Church

Probably the most famous Christian music. A true classic in this genre, a lot of different versions have already been created. I guess it is safe to say that this is a staple of every Christian event. A beautiful prayer in a song.