Established in 2011, Annabel Law has been providing a variety of wedding photography and videography services, both overseas and locally.

After witnessing many weddings, Annabel firmly believes that every couple and family is unique and she finds great joy in her ability to witness and capture the chemistry and moment. At most times, she doubles as the bride’s personal assistant.

In 2017, Annabel expanded her team to offer clients a variety of photographers.


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Founder of Love By July and Annabel Law Productions 

Bel is a vibrant photographer with strong experience in providing wedding photography, both overseas and locally, for over 400 weddings in the last seven years. Bel does not just capture photos for your keepsake; she brings out the story and emotion you want to share with your loved ones on your special occasion.

Ethan Lai
Associate Photogrpaher

Ethan is a dedidated photogrpaher who is personally mentored by Bel and has been providing wedding services for couples over the past year. Ethan has a knack for details and is highly motivated in his skill.

Hazel Ling
Social Media Manager 

Hazel is a lover of travelling, coconut water and art. She likes trying out new things and is always up for an adventure! At Annabel Law Productions, she focuses on growing the brand through creating content that is conversational, engaging and uplifting to people.

Keith & Han Thon

Keith and Han Thon has more than a decade of experience and has worked on many projects for Channel 5, Channel U, Channel 8, Okto.They have a knack for being in the right place at the right time to film the spontaneous and unforgettable moments of the wedding day. Together with the editing team, they produce high-quality videos that will wow the wedding guests.